Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

I finally started my Christmas Shopping and I've made a list of most of the things that I still need to buy. So I feel very accomplished. But there are still a few people that I have no ideas for. What is your favorite gift you are giving this year? Or what do you hope you get?

I've been very good and have avoided Popsugar Must Have Neiman Marcus Box spoilers and reviews. I know my NM box arrived today (even though my regular monthly Popsugar Must Have box hasn't arrived yet), but I am waiting until Christmas morning to open the NM box. I'm trying to go spoiler free until then, which is truly torturous because I really want to know what's going to be in it. I keep asking my guy (who bought it for me) if he'll look at the reviews to "make sure" I'll like it, but he doesn't want to spoil the surprise. Guess I'll just have to wait!

I keep seeing so many great deals on subscriptions or gifts with purchases and it's making me want to buy EVERYTHING. I'm really trying to control myself and concentrate on getting my Christmas shopping done first.

I wish I could enjoy cooking. I've tried to cook a few things from The Can't Cook Book I received in October's Popsugar Must Have Box and they came out decent and edible, but I just don't want to cook after I long day at work. I'm not sure that will ever change. And with the holidays coming the last thing I want to do is cook, but I'm looking forward to eating all the yummy food!!! I do love to eat and appreciate everyone's hard work of preparing the food!

I received an email today from ThredUp saying they received my bag. I forgot I sent in some clothes to try to get credit for Stitch Fix (they included a ThredUp bag in my October fix). I really have a lot to clean out, so I might be sending more. Not sure why I haven't done it sooner. 

What's on your mind today?

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  1. I should have got the nm pop sugar box but I didnt! I hope you love it and it's so cool you're opening it on Christmas!!