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Don't you love getting suprise packages in the mail? I do and I'm also addicted to shopping, so when I started seeing lots of great subscription boxes pop up all over the internet I started to get hooked. I wanted to try them all!!!

You sign up and get surprises delivered to your mailbox for any time period from one month to years. It's not just magazine subscriptions or fruit of the month anymore. They have subscriptions for everything from beauty products, baby products, dog products, mens toiletries, women's clothing, etc. Basically anything you can think of there is a subscription for it.

I discovered these different types of subscription boxes by a friend's link on Facebook to a subscription for children's products. I thought it was very interesting and wondered how many different types of subscriptions I could find. I googled subscription boxes and read blogs and started making a long long list of all the ones I eventually wanted to try.

I currently subscribe to:

Citrus Lane - Surprise boxes with the best eco friendly products for children, age infant to 5 years. The boxes include food products, cleaning products, toys, books, etc.

Golden Tote - Clothing for women. This is not really classified as a subscription, but they run sales each month for a week and you have 2 options to choose from; a $49 tote or a $149 tote. Also, you are able to choose 1-2 items depending on which option you pick and your extra items are surprises!!! (I find myself purchasing a tote each month, so I will classify it as a subscription)

Paper Pumpkin - Stampin Up sends a paper project once a month with everything included to make cards, scrapbook, etc.

Umba box - Handmade gifts sent once a month. Great gift idea for those hard to buy for individuals, but I subscribe for myself.

Fair Ivy - Sends 3 handmade gifts monthly and includes at least one jewelry piece each month. I gifted this subscription to my mother and she loved it!!!

I plan to review each box I receive and post pictures and as I subscribe to more I will expand. Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. are you on bloglovin or wordpress? I tried following you via google but I'm not sure it will work. I also have a beauty blog and do subscriptions.
    I followed u on twitter as well. I'd love for u to follow back :) are u doing another giveaway soon> I am having one for two new julep polishes right now, ends sunday :)

  2. I will be doing more giveaways and I'll keep you posted as to when they are starting. I followed you on twitter and can't wait to check out your site and giveaway also. I am very new to blogging and stumbling my way through it for now. I really enjoy it and love finding new bloggers to follow!!!

  3. I'm on bloglovin now! Please follow me. The link is on the left. Thanks!!!