Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rothy's Kids Loafers

Of course when Rothy's launched Kids Loafers I ordered a pair for my daughter immediately! I couldn't wait for her to be as hooked on them as I was. She chose Flamingo pink and I couldn't be happier!!! We (not so patiently) waited for them to arrive. Actually, I ordered when we were on vacation and they were supposed to arrive the day we got home, so not a bad wait at all!

But when we got home they didn't arrive and I noticed the tracking had no updates for a couple days. I gave it a day or 2 and when I noticed still no updates I called USPS to inquire about them. I was told to fill out a missing mail form. I then called Rothy's to see if they could do anything and they shipped out another pair. So, the wait was longer than normal, but we did get the second pair.

Then my daughter tried them and I couldn't wait for her to fall in love! I ordered a half size larger than the size she wears in all her other shoes. But these were tiny and she complained immediately about them being too small, so back they went. And I am still waiting for the correct size to arrive, but I took some pics to show you how adorable and bright they are.

I also wanted to talk a little about the sizing, because it seemed quite off to me. My daughter wears an 11 or 11.5, so I ordered a size 12 in the Rothy's Loafers. This is a pic with my daughter's sketchers in a size 11.5. They were quite a bit smaller. The Rothy's in size 12 measured 19.5 cm and I'm told the size 1 measures 20.5 cm, which is the size I exchanged for and am hoping they fit. I should receive them in a couple days and I will update how they fit.

They also released a lot of great new colors for women today, so check them out! If you haven't purchased Rothy's yet, but would like to try them use my link to save $20 off your first pair!!!

Update: My daughter received the size 1 and they were huge on her. I exchanged them for a size 13 and they are the right fit....finally!!!