Sunday, June 19, 2016

Love with Food June 2016

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $10/month

I received my June Love with Food box earlier in the month, but just finished trying most of the treats for this month. I like getting this snack box each month, to try new stuff. I did notice that we do get quite a few duplicate treats from month to month. I wish they'd send more unique items each month, but besides that I like this subscription.

Here is a first peek inside the box this month.

Love with Food always includes an information card explaining everything in the box. It was a little wrinkled this month.

The first snack included was Sinfully Thin Blue Corn Popcorn. This tasted very light and didn't taste like much of anything, but it was a good snack. I liked it.

The next item was Snapz Original Crunchy Premium Apple Crisps. These were different than other dried fruit I've tried. They were tasty, but they were also bigger slices of apple. Since they were larger when they dried they were kind of hollow in the center, which was odd, but made them taste good and not as tough and crunchy as other dried fruit. I liked these and would buy them again!

The Biscottea Traditional Teatime Shortbread was delicious! I love shortbread cookies and so does my daughter. She took this and ate it all. It was yummy!

We also received Torie & Howard Fruit Chews. These were great! They tasted like starbursts, but I liked the raspberry lemon flavor of these so much more. My daughter ate one and I ate one and we both wanted more!

The Raw Rev Glo Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar is the only snack I haven't tried yet. I will be eating this as a snack at work this week.

One item we've received in a previous box was the You Love Fruit Leather in Mango. I didn't mind getting these again, because I really like them. These are yummy and healthy! And I love that they are shaped like little hearts.

We also received Wild Garden Sundried Tomato Hummus Dip. I love hummus and this was very tasty. I just didn't like the packaging of this. You still had to put this in a bowl to eat it. Besides that I'd buy this again.

The final snack included was Snack Factory Original Pretzel Crisps. These were good. They were an original salted flavor. They tasted like other pretzel crisps I've tried.

The June Love with Food box was good. It didn't have anything I disliked in it. I'm always hoping for new snacks I haven't tried. I can't wait to see what we get in July.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Popsugar Must Have June 2016

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $39.95/month

I received my Popsugar Must Have June box this week and I was so excited to see what was inside, because I hadn't looked at spoilers. It's always fun opening this box when I have no idea what is inside!

Popsugar Must Have always includes an information card explaining everything in the box. This month's inspirations were Sunshine, Cheers, Joy, Togetherness, Outdoors, and Festivities. Sounds like a good box to me!

There was one spoiler for this month's box. It was the Hat Attack Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong. Retail price $58. I like getting these type of items in subscription boxes. This one will go with lots and is really pretty and soft. The pattern reminds me of an old faded bandana and I love it! In the email Popsugar provided a few ways to wear it. I love the idea of wearing it as a beach top! So pretty!

The next item in the box was Sisters of Los Angeles "Cheers" Gold Bottle Opener. Retail price $12. I actually really like this! It's simple, but makes a statement and is a nice weight. It will be great for entertaining! And it's something you always need, so I think this was a great addition to the box.

My favorite item in the box was Wild and Wolf Ridley's Games Room "Who Am I?" Quiz. Retail price $12.95. This is a fun game with cards that you guess the celebrity. I probably won't do well at it, but it's a great game for entertaining. I can't wait to have a party! I love having fun and unique items like this laying around. And I don't have anything like this yet, so I'm really happy with it.

The next item included was NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer. Retail price $16. I love the 4th of July! I love fireworks! I love the colors, so of course I also love this polish. This has red, white, and blue glitter flakes and will be so fun on my nails! This was exclusively created for Popsugar!!! We have a trip planned for the 4th of July, so it seems fitting to paint my nails and my daughter's nails with this polish. So cute!

I also received Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-Up?) Compact. Retail price $10. I needed a new compact mirror, and I like the simple look of this one! Plus the cheeky words are too cute! The information card says don't worry about sand messing up this compact mirror, it's durable enough to throw in your beach bag. I'll have to test that out. It is a real nice mirror. My old one was real thin and this just feels nicer, plus it looks better!!!

The next item was Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes. Retail price $9. These will come in handy for sweaty, hot, humid days. I'll be tossing these in my bag to freshen up. Plus the packaging looks nice and you can't even tell what they are, unless you read it!

The final snack item included this month was Pressels Sriracha. Retail price $1.29. My dad loves Sriracha and with Father's Day this weekend, I'll be adding this treat to his gift. I'm sure he'll love them!

I really liked the June Popsugar Must Have box! I will use all the items, which always makes it a good box. I tried to stop subscribing to Popsugar, but was scared about what I might miss out on. Then they offered a good deal last month and I re-subscribed for 6 months. I guess I won't be quitting Popsugar anytime soon. I'm happy with my decision and can't wait to see what's in the July box!

*This subscription was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Zoe Report Box of Style Summer 2016

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $100/quarterly box; $350 yearly subscription

I received my Zoe Report Box of Style Summer box last week, right before I left for a weekend trip! I was hoping I could use some of the items on my trip. I had looked at spoilers on the Zoe Report Box of Style website right before my box arrived, so I knew what was in it. I couldn't wait to see everything in person. I was excited about a few things in the box. These boxes really feel like a gift and they are perfectly curated for each season! 

The box was slightly different this quarter. Instead of the whole top lifting off, it now closes in the front with a magnet and I like it so much better! It also has "Hello Gorgeous" Printed on the top cover! Love it!!!

Everything is wrapped in black tissue paper like little gifts when you rip away the tissue paper! This box feels so luxe and is so much fun to open!

The Box of Style always includes an information booklet that is gorgeous! The pictures and styling are much better than any I take, so I love showing pictures of each page. I love reading these booklets from cover to cover each quarter. 

The Hero Item that was released early was the Luv AJ Pave Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring Exclusive Set. Retail price $190. I love how delicate this set is. The ring fits perfectly and is my style! The necklace can be worn multiple ways, making it very versatile. On the website they mentioned wearing this with an open back blouse. I love that idea! I was very happy when this spoiler was released!

The next item included was also a spoiler. It was a Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Cover-up. Retail price $58. I was interested to see this in person. I wasn't crazy about the photos shown of it and I was hoping I'd like it better in person. I can picture sexy, beautiful, beachy women wearing this caftan! I am not that woman, and it doesn't suit my style. It's a bit out of my comfort zone and I'm not sure I'd reach for this. I tried it on with a black slip dress underneath as suggested and I'm just unsure of it. It also doesn't match my swimsuit and I rarely go to the beach, so I wouldn't wear it as a beach cover-up. It's beautiful, just not me!

I couldn't wait to see the YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses in person. Retail price $40. These looked amazing on everyone on the website and they were tried on everyone at Box of Style to make sure they'd look great on all subscribers. Well, I have a tiny face and I was hoping I had finally found a cat eye that would work on my face. I tried these on immediately after opening the box and they look ridiculous on me. Way too large for my tiny face! I'm so sad, because I love these sunnies so much! I was looking forward to bringing these on my trip and instead they stayed wrapped up in the box.

Another spoiler that was released early was the OUAI Haircare Wave Spray. Retail price $12. I haven't tried this yet, but I will. My hair definitely lacks waves and volume, so I'm hoping this will give it some much needed texture.

The next item included was DreamDry The Dream Turban. Retail price $30. I don't own anything like this, and my hair dries fairly quick, but I will try this. I like the idea of using hair oil or conditioning treatment and wrapping my head in this. I also like the idea of sleeping with this on. I take showers before bed and wet hair is not comfortable for sleeping. I might enjoy this more than I thought I would! It feels really soft and nice and is supposed to be super absorbent.

The final product included was Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer. Retail price $38. I love Juice Beauty products, so I was excited to get this! I love that this moisturizer has SPF for the summer too. I'm very pale, so I apply SPF frequently.

The Zoe Report Box of Style Summer box was perfectly curated! Unfortunately a few of the items aren't for me, but I still really liked this box. I wish I was a chic and glamorous girl that could use everything in this box! My yearly subscription is up and I need to decide if I will continue subscribing. I love how luxe and fun this box is, but it's really not quite my style. I'll need to think on it. And I'll probably wait to see what the Fall Hero Item is before making any decisions!

*This subscription was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!