Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quilty Box November 2013

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $38.95/month plus $5.95 shipping

I bought my mother a 3 month subscription to Quilty Box for Christmas and I will be posting what she receives. The November theme was time and I had no idea what to expect. This is what she got. (I didn't see a sheet with everything that was enclosed, so I'll do my best to tell you what was in it)

The fabric this month made sense with the theme of time. It was a 2014 calendar fabric and there was also fabric included for another project to make a zippered pouch. Both were very nice quality.

Also included was thread with six different colors. It matches the projects very nicely.

Sweet Dreams 100% Cotton Stuffing was included that is needed to complete the projects.

The extra item was adorable magnets. This picture is horrible (sorry). One says Keep Calm and Quilt On, one says Press to Impress, and one says Get Quilty. They are so cute and I'm sure any quilter would love them!

There were three different size zippers in magenta, white, and turquoise included. I loved the colors of these!

These are clips to help with holding the binding for sewing. They can be used instead of pins. My mom thinks these will come in very handy for all her sewing projects and she can't wait to try them out. I think this was her favorite item included in the box!

There is a pattern for zippered pouches and pin cushions included. I believe the fabric included coordinates with this pattern, but I'm not positive.

Also, there was batting included. It feels nice.

My mother was so excited when she received this box that she called me right away to rave about everything that was in it! This box is great because it includes everything you need to make the projects. I will post pictures of the final projects when they are completed. Everything seemed like it was great quality and would make completing the projects easy.

What do you think of Quilty Box?

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