Friday, August 28, 2015

Wantable Intimates August 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $40/month

Every once in a while I like to get a Wantable Intimates box. I've always been fairly happy with what I've received from them and it seems worth the cost, but I don't need a box every month. I decided to get an August box, because I was seeing quite a few reveals with nice PJ sets. In my order I requested Rene Rofe PJ sets, because they looked adorable in everyone's reveals! When making specific requests, you never know if you'll get the items, but it's worth trying. I was so excited when the box showed up. And it always amazes me how tiny the boxes are. I always think it can't be anything more than a pair of socks inside, but they always impress me with what fits in the very small box.

Here is a first peek at what was in my box. I love the cute sayings included. 

Wantable Intimates includes an order sheet with what is included in the box. It also lists the retail prices and the amount you would receive for the item if you were to return it. Wantable lets you return individual items, which I really like. So, if you love one item, but hate the rest you don't have to send the whole box back. A lot of subscription services do not offer this option, but I really think more should. Also, you fill out a profile when you subscribe and Wantable will only send you items you love or like and never what you dislike. It makes it so easy to get what you want, by changing your profile throughout your subscription.

The first item I pulled out of the box was a Rene Rofe item. It wasn't cute PJs though. It was a Rene Rofe Purple Lace Bra. Retail price $28. This is a push up bra and definitely my style. This was something I would have picked out myself and will definitely wear. I love the neutral colored lace over the purple. This fits very comfortably, so I will definitely be keeping it.

The next item I received was a Natural Fiber Tank in Rose. Retail price $18. This is a fun pink color and it's really comfy. I will wear this under shirts or to bed. I love tank tops and wear one almost every day, so this is another keeper. This is a great basic and I always love getting them because I know I can always use them. Plus this color will go great with my wardrobe! I normally wear a size small in shirts and Wantable sent me a size large in this tank, because it ran really small. It fits perfect! I love that they take that into consideration and I've never had an issue with things not fitting from this subscription. 

The final item included in my box was my favorite. It is Rene Rofe Tuck Me In Shorts in Floral. Retail Price $21. These are so adorable and the tank top matches. I love that! These are so soft and comfy and I love the print! These were exactly the type of item I was requesting, so I was so happy I got these. I'm keeping them, obviously!

Look how great the shorts and tank go together. They make such cute PJs!

This box was great and I was so excited I decided to order the August Wantable Intimates box! I probably won't get one for another few months. I just like to get a few unique pieces every once in a while, but every month would be too much. I'll be watching reviews to see if I really like anything I'm seeing and order again later. I really want some cute patterned leggings for Fall, so I'm hoping I see some. Then I'll be ordering again very soon.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Popsugar Must Have August 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $39.95/month

My August Popsugar Must Have box finally arrived yesterday! I received it real late again this month and had already looked at spoilers so I knew what was in the box, but couldn't wait to see everything in person. This month's box felt like a great introduction to Fall, which is right around the corner.

Popsugar always includes an information card that explains everything included in the box. It also explains the inspiration for the month. This month's inspiration was organization, morning routines, celebrations, caffeine, and back to school.

The item I was most excited for in this month's box was the American Colors Mediterranean Plaid Scarf. I love this! It's so soft and I love the pink and blue plaid. This is a very large scarf, so it can be worn many different ways. I can't wait to start wearing this! I think it's my new favorite scarf for Fall!!!

The item Popsugar announced early for this box was Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment. I was so excited for this, because I need a new eye cream and I love this brand! I'm sure this will work amazing. I plan to start using it tonight!

I also received a Pastel Best Day Ever Mug. This is so simple, but I love it! I used this already this morning, and I will continue using it. It's the perfect size for me! Plus it goes great with our kitchen decor. And this is dishwasher and microwave safe...perfect!

The next item included was a Happy Jackson Yay Lunch! Lunch Box. This is a cute lunch box! I'm still deciding if I'll use it for lunch or for something else. I'm not sure what yet. I like the bright colors and think this might be cute to use at work for organizing something.

The next item we used immediately. It was Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix. I received my Popsugar box yesterday, but we got home late, so I didn't open it until this morning. When I saw this, I knew what we were having for breakfast. These have sprinkles in cute! This was such a fun treat! I loved these and thought they tasted like butter...yummy! My family, on the other hand, was not a fan of these. My guy thought they tasted too much like sprinkles, and he doesn't like sweet things, so he didn't like them. My 3 year old daughter took two bites and decided she didn't like them either. And the dog wouldn't even try them. I really did think they were delicious, light and fluffy and so good! Not sure why the rest of the family didn't agree.

I also received Meri Meri Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins. These are cute! I'm not sure what occasion I'll use them for, but I think they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day meals. We'll see if I can wait that long to use them.

The Special Extra this month was Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate. I've never tried anything like this, but I did try it this morning with my pancakes in my Best Day Ever mug (see picture above)! It was delicious and so easy. You just squirt some in cold milk, add ice and it tastes just like it came from a coffee shop. Yum!

This month there was also a few coupons included. There was one for MyYogaWorks 3-month trial. This is for online classes, which sound interesting. Now I just need to find the time to use it. There was also a coupon for 20% off American Colors. I like that Popsugar includes coupons, but I'll be honest, I rarely use them.

I loved my Popsugar Must Have August box. It felt like a great way to get ready for Fall. Now I won't be dreading it, because I'm looking forward to wearing the scarf! And drinking warm beverages out of the Best Day Ever mug on chilly mornings. I can't wait to see what we get for September! I've been enjoying this box so much.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Birchbox August 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $10/month

My August Birchbox arrived very early this month, which made up for my very late box last month. This month I chose the guest curated box, because I loved all the samples that were included. And there was one I really really wanted to try! So, I knew what I was getting, but couldn't wait to try everything that was included. The box designs have all been so pretty lately and this month was no exception.

Here is a peek inside my box.

Birchbox always includes an information card. The guest curator this month was Nicole Richie from "Candidly Nicole", so my box had a little note from Nicole on why she chose the samples she did.

The sample I was most excited to try was St Tropez Gradual In-Shower Tan. This is a self tanning cream that you apply to wet skin in the shower and then wash off after 3 minutes. I love the application process. I stopped using self tanner because I was tired of staining my clothes. I never waited quite long enough before getting dressed after applying the cream. This is great, because you wash it off. It is also the best smelling self tanner ever! It leaves a faint floral scent that I love. Nothing like the tanning creams I've tried in the past. I have tried this the past 2 days in a row and I may have a very very subtle tan, but nothing drastic. I will continue to use the sample, but I'm not expecting a deep dark tan from it. I still love it though!

I also received Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. I was happy to receive this sample, but didn't think too much of it because I've tried lots of exfoliants and thought I already knew my favorite (Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator). Then I applied this exfoliant and was pleasantly surprised by the fine granules, then the citrus scent woke up my skin like nothing else and made it feel really really clean. This is perfection! Then I looked at the price (full size $78) and though I probably won't purchase this often, it will be a treat when I do! Another love!!

I was nervous about the Laqa & Co sample, because the last sample I received by this brand was a very unwearable bright pink that looked awful on me. This one is a creamy crayon for lips and cheeks and the color (Humble Brag) was a very wearable pink. The cardigan I was wearing the day I decided to try it was actually the same color, so that might be why I liked it so much! I didn't try it on my cheeks yet, because I'll be honest I have a difficult time rubbing in cream blush and it ends up looking like a blob of color on me. I do love this as a lipstick though, so I will definitely be using it!!

I also received an OPI nail polish sample from the Venice Collection. I looked at the colors online and would have been happy with any of the colors in the collection. I received My Gondola or Yours?, which is black. I am not a black nail polish sort of girl, but I was very excited about it. I don't own black, so I thought this might come in handy for Halloween or for some cute nail art. It does need a few coats for even coverage, but I was happy to receive a color I don't already have in my vast selection of nail polishes.

The final sample I received was Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-In Smoothing Fluid. This protects hair during heat styling, plus tames flyaway and frizz. I don't do too much to my hair through the summer months. I usually let it air dry and don't worry about straightening or curling. I did use this as a leave in conditioner after showering and it was nice. I'm sure it'd work better as intended, but I didn't want to wait months to try it. It didn't have a strong scent and left my hair smooth.

I was very happy with my Birchbox for August! And I was so excited to receive it as early in the month as I did. I can't wait to see the spoilers for next month, but it's way too early for them. I'm sure they'll be awesome. It's always difficult to choose just one.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bundles of Joy July 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $36/month

My daughter's July Bundles of Joy box arrived at the end of July, but I was away on a business trip and just got home to open it. As usual it was a hit! My daughter always loves opening this box and plays with everything as soon as she sees it. I've been so happy about the unique items included in this subscription and the detail they put into curating the box based on likes/dislikes. Here is a first look.

This box had a summer feel that was perfect! Here is a look at everything we received. My daughter loves Disney Princesses and Minnie Mouse, so she was so excited with everything and it was difficult for me to take pictures because she kept grabbing everything to check it out.

The first item included was a Stella Lane Minnie Mouse Headband. This is adorable! She wanted to wear this right away. Unfortunately, she was wearing PJs when I took the picture, but she needed to wear it immediately! I've never seen a headband like this and it looks so cute on her!!!

We also received Olaf's Perfect Day book. I love the Little Golden Books and my daughter loves Frozen, so this was also a hit. This was her bed time book the day we opened the box. She loved it!

The River Babe Threads Rainbow Maxi Skirt is so cute! My daughter doesn't own any maxi skirts, so I was so happy to see this in the box. I love the bright pink and turquoise in this skirt. She loves comfy clothes and this will be perfect for her. It will transition to fall nicely, as it starts to get cooler where we live.

We also received Disney Princess Band-Aids. I think every 3 year old makes up boo boos just to be able to use band-aids! When she saw these she pointed out every boo boo, she needed a band-aid on, haha. These are very cute and perfect for her! She loves all the princesses!!!

The final item included in this month's box was Pretty Ice Pops Memory Matching Game. I've never seen anything like this! It was so cute!!! I love getting unique items I don't see in stores. We played this immediately after taking pictures, which continued for most of the night. She loved matching the popsicles and pretending to eat them, haha. This is my favorite matching game, because who can resist brightly colored, yummy looking popsicles in the summer?!?

I love Bundles of Joy! Month after month they continue to deliver unique and fun items that my daughter loves and plays with over and over again. I can't wait to see what August brings!

*This subscription was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!

The Relish Mystery Clothing Box

Rating: Maybe, One More Try!!
Cost: $99 + shipping (Small box contains 4-5 items)

I tried a new clothing surprise box from The Relish Clothing Company. This company was started by a woman who is the mother to five children and runs the company on her own. It's new and was started early June 2015. I'm sure she'll expand quickly, because she has quite the following and the surprise clothing boxes are amazing! There is a Facebook group dedicated to showing reveals and trading of the Relish Mystery boxes. I've seen some beautiful clothes I was hoping to get in my box. When you place your order you are able to put comments of your measurements, likes, dislikes, items you hope to get, etc in a "What do you Relish" comment box. You can also tell her your Pinterest link, so she can see what your style is and what you might like, similar to the way Stitch Fix uses Pinterest.

There are 3 different size boxes available on the website and also a newly added accessory box. The small mystery clothing box is $99 and contains 4-5 pieces. The medium mystery clothing box is $149 and contains 6-7 items. The large mystery clothing box is $199 and contains 9-10 items. The small accessory box is $99 and contains 4 accessories. The large accessory box is $149 and contains 6 accessories. It is a great value because the clothing and accessories are high end, trendy, boutique quality.

To start out I ordered the small Relish Mystery Clothing Box for $99. When my box arrived I was away on a business trip, so I couldn't wait to get home and see what I received. When I opened the box, I saw a lot of color, but wasn't too sure what I received. I was hoping for some cute stuff I had seen in reveals, but nothing looked familiar to me at first glance. There was a ring pop included too! My 3 year old daughter grabbed that immediately and ate it before I even looked at what I got.

As I looked at what I received, I knew there would be some fit issues. Some of the items I received looked too over-sized for my little frame. Because some of the items really looked terrible on me, I decided not to take styled pictures. So, unfortunately I only have pictures of the items. Here is the stack of everything I received.

The first item I received was a Collective Concepts tank top with crochet detail. I really liked this shirt. It fit well and was cute! I loved the detail and print and cute floaty layered look. I think this would be great to wear to work under a cardigan or blazer.

I also received a Le Lis long sleeve navy t-shirt with polka dot detail. I love polka dots and this looked like a simple t-shirt, so I thought I'd really like it! But when I tried it on it was very large and droopy in my armpits. I'm not sure why, because I've never had a shirt fit me like that before. Unfortunately, I knew I could never wear this shirt.

The next item I received was my favorite one in the box. It's a Collective Concepts shirt. It has a pretty black and purple print. I really liked how unique and different it looked. It also had a cute rope like detail that I really liked. This one fit perfectly! It would be perfect for work or a night out with friends. This was totally my style and I was so happy it was chosen for me.

The Fantastic Fawn tunic was my least favorite item in the box. I wasn't crazy about the color/pattern out of the box. Then when I opened it up it looked very over-sized and I knew it wouldn't work for me right away. I need clothing with some shape, because I have a very boyish, straight figure. This is the reason I did not take pictures with me wearing the items. This didn't work on me at all. It just looked like I was wearing someone else's shirt. And it was a strange length. I've never been able to pull off the tunic length too well. It might have been better if it was longer and I could belt it and wear it as a dress, but I'm not sure that would have worked on me either. A lot of people may have loved this item and it was really soft, but just not for me at all.

The last item I received was a Staccato cardigan. I love cardigans, but I prefer cardigans with buttons, because I think they look more professional and are more versatile in my wardrobe. I wear a cardigan almost every day, so I also have similar items in my closet already. It was comfortable and fit well, but I wasn't too crazy about all the extra material in the front. It didn't seem to drape well on me. And I apologize for the picture because it's awful. It was hard to show what it was and capture the drape in the front all at the same time.

Unfortunately, I wasn't too crazy about my box. I knew 2 of the items I wouldn't be able to wear at all and the cardigan was okay, but not something I would grab for often. The only 2 items I could see fitting into my wardrobe were the Collective Concepts shirts! Now, I had a few options. I could keep the box and trade the items that didn't work for me on the Facebook group. But I thought it'd be very difficult, because just about every reveal I had seen had received the navy t-shirt and a cardigan either the same as the one I received or similar. I figured that wasn't the best option. Relish also lets you return the entire box for a full refund. And the final option is something unique to Relish, you can exchange the box for different surprises. You send your box back and Relish sends you a replacement box with new items. Because more than half the box didn't work for me and I couldn't justify spending $100 on 2 shirts, I decided to exchange the box for new surprises.

My box is already on it's way back to Relish and I can't wait to see what I get. I also included a note saying I'd love to see the black/purple Collective Concepts shirt in my replacement box, so hopefully I get it back! I was sad to let that one go. I'll be sure to review my replacement box when I receive it.

UPDATE: I was waiting for my Relish Clothing exchange box, but the company decided to no longer offer exchanges, effective immediately. Since my box was shipped backed weeks ago, but I hadn't received my new box, I wasn't sure if I would be affected or not. I assumed the company would send exchanges for the boxes that had been received and going forward would not offer the option to exchange, but effective immediately, meant IMMEDIATELY. I received a refund shortly after the announcement was made, so I won't be receiving an exchange box. I decided I'll let this company work the kinks out before ordering again, it's very new, so I understand they are still trying to figure out what works for them.