Monday, November 25, 2013

Golden Tote November 2013

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $49 or $149/tote

My November Golden Tote arrived today and I was excited to see what was inside, but also nervous because I had seen some spoiler pictures that showed a sweater I really didn't want to find in my tote. I thought for sure I would get the "ugly sweater". Plus, I wasn't too happy about my last couple totes, so I wasn't being very optimistic. I splurged for the $149 tote this month and I'm happy I did.

The first item I chose for my tote was the sequin blazer by Potter's Pot. It's just what I needed for holiday dressing. I can wear it with dresses, pants, and jeans. I can't wait to start wearing it. I love that it has long sleeves, but isn't too heavy to wear inside. I'm already styling outfits in my head.

The second item I chose (and my favorite thing in this tote) was the floral shift dress by Honey Punch. This dress fits perfect. I love long sleeved dresses, because they are so easy to look polished. All it needs is some tights and ankle boots to look great! I think I'll be wearing this dress for Thanksgiving dinner with the family!

I really liked the style cards included for both my picks. I want to style the sequin blazer how it's shown. I love it!!!

And here are my surprise items. I was happy to receive the spoiler lace dress they said would be included in some $149 totes. The lace dress is by In Clover, which according to the note in my Golden Tote box is their new label (I love getting pieces by their label Puella in my Golden Totes also). This dress didn't look awful not belted, but will look better with a belt. I definitely have a weakness for dresses. I love them all!!!!

The next item was a sweater by Lumiere. It's blue and gray and soft and slouchy! This will be a great addition to my winter wardrobe. I was so happy to see this sweater instead of some of the other sweaters people received this month. I was definitely lucky this month!

I also received a 3/4 sleeve blouse by Peach Love Cream. I wasn't too sure about the pattern of this shirt, but I think with a cardigan I'll love it. It fits nice, so I'm happy with it.

The last item was a long sleeve shirt by Renee C. This is super soft and casual. I think I might live in this shirt this winter. I didn't want to take it off because it was so comfy. I might also try to style this with a skirt, so I can get away wearing it to work!

I was very happy with my November Golden Tote. I know I will wear every piece I received. And I'm always very excited when I receive more than one dress! I wish they had more bottoms either to pick for totes or as surprise items, but sizing is probably a little more difficult. I'm so happy I decided to order this month, because this tote was well worth the price!!!

What'd you get in your Golden Tote?


  1. I got the dress which looked awful on me. I am 5'4' and 160 lbs. When I saw this dress I said, too bad this will only look good on tall thin people and I was right.
    I also got the blue/grey sweater that u got. I loved it. I would wear with leggings. But again, once it was on me, I wasn't too thrilled. It was too big and looked like I borrowed my bf's sweater.
    I also got the last shirt/sweater that u got. That was the other thing that I liked. But it's polyester and something else. I looked closely at it and mine was starting to 'pill' up and become balled up so I don't think it will last long.
    My two items to open the tote were the 'embroidered' white sweater and the striped drape sweater. Both didn't fit. one was too big, one was a little small. lol It just wasn't meant to be.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't like your tote. It's been hit or miss with me lately too. Have you tried Stitch Fix? It might be a better fit for you because you can try everything on and send back whatever you don't like and only pay for what you do. And you provide feedback, so your fixes get better each month. It's a bit pricier than Golden Tote, but I think it's worth it! Check out my reviews. I'll also have a new one up very soon (I just got my Stitch Fix yesterday).