Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bundles of Joy December 2015

Rating: Love it!!!!
Cost: $36/month

I received my daughter's Bundles of Joy box on December 24th, so I let her open it as a Christmas Eve gift! I'm always really excited to see what she'll get. And I never look at spoilers for this box. 

Here is a look at the packaging inside the box.

Bundles of Joy always includes an information sheet detailing everything in the box, with the retail prices. There is always a handwritten note with why everything was chosen, which I love!

Here is a peek at what we got this month. It definitely had a New Year's theme! I love holiday themes and we will definitely use everything.

The first item my daughter received was Minnie Mouse Shirt and Skirt. Retail price $21.99. And also Minnie Mouse Leggings, because you never know what the weather will be like. Retail price $14.99. These all coordinate with each other and will be adorable for a New Year's eve outfit. I love the black and white bow skirt. It's got a little crinoline to give it some poof, which I love for dressing up. And my daughter loves Minnie Mouse, so she was excited about this outfit!

She also received a Felt Loved Plush Elephant in Lime. Retail price $10. It has a cute pink heart. We've received a couple of these felt animals in previous boxes, and my daughter loves them. She always needs more than one of little characters, so they can "talk". That is the way she plays with everything. They're always "talking"! And I love listening to her stories.

The final items we received were 2016 New Year's Eve Party Goodies. Retail price $6. These were my daughter's favorite items in the box. She immediately put on the glasses and they're so cute on her! And she figured out how the party horns worked immediately. These will be perfect for our stay at home New Year's eve party this year!

Bundles of Joy never disappoints. This was another great box for my daughter! We will have a fun New Year's eve and she has the perfect outfit because of this box. I can't wait to see what she gets in January!!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Golden Tote December 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $49 or $149 tote (I'm reviewing the $149 tote)

I haven't ordered from Golden Tote in quite a while, but couldn't resist their deals during the month of December. They listed different Golden Gifts each day in the beginning of the month and one was buy a pair of jeans and receive a free top and belt to complete your look. I had to order! Plus there was a pair of trouser jeans I was eyeing, so I ordered a large tote. Since, I hadn't ordered in quite a while, it was really fun because I had no idea what I would get.

My Golden Tote was scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve, but arrived a couple days early. Yay! I couldn't wait to see what was inside!!! You can see the free belt I received right on top. It was red suede and went with everything in my box very nicely. Golden Tote puts a sticker on the box with the initials of who styled your tote. Mine was styled by AR!

Here is a peek at everything that was included in my Golden Tote! I love Christmas and my tote had a very Christmasy theme to it. I love it!!!

Golden Tote includes an order form with the chosen items and surprise items included. Here is exactly what the descriptions were for all my items.

The first item I chose was the Celebrity Pink Trouser Leg Jean in Medium Wash. I'm 5'6" and these are very long on me. I will probably need to have them hemmed because I tend to wear flats more than heels. And even with heels they are a bit too long. They fit perfectly otherwise though and have some stretch to them. They're very soft and comfy!

The second item I chose was the Mak B Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater in Grey. This fits loosely and is soft and comfy. I'm wearing it right now! I love the reindeer and tree. I needed a Christmas sweater and I kept thinking about ordering this one and am so happy I did. I'm also very happy it came before Christmas, because now I'm able to wear it today (Christmas Eve)! I styled this with the red belt I received!

My first surprise was a Gilli Sequin Reindeer Top in Navy. I was hoping I would get this when I saw a few others receive it. Who doesn't love a great Christmas top with a sequin reindeer?!? I wore this to work yesterday. A couple girls in the Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook suggested I wear it with a pencil skirt and blazer. It'd look great with a maroon pencil skirt and grey blazer, but I didn't have the right color pencil skirt to wear with it. I styled it with skinny jeans, which is how I styled it outside of work. It is very festive and sparkly and totally my style! This was my favorite item I received!!!

I also received a Skies are Blue Holiday V-Neck Blouse in Green. I love the details in this blouse and the kelly green color, which feels very festive! I styled this with the trouser jeans and red belt I received in my tote, for a look that screams Holiday! I love it!!! The jeans are long as you can see, and I'm wearing a black ankle boot, but think this will look better with a heel that is more bare.

I had seen a few people receive the Peach Love Fair Isle Top in Red/Black and was hoping I would get it too. This has reindeer and chicks in the pattern and I love anything fair isle this time of year. This looks like the perfect outfit to lounge around the house when paired with leggings. I'll be wearing this Saturday or Sunday when the chaos of Christmas finally winds down.

I did receive one item that I liked, but didn't like how it fit me. It was the Gilli Belted Houndstooth Dress in Black/White. This came with a red belt. It was a pretty dress, but I think my torso is too long and the belt sat at an odd place on me. I don't have a picture wearing this dress, because I traded with someone on the Golden Tote Trading Group for something I hope suits me better. This is a really nice dress, and I would have loved it if it fit me better. And it definitely went with the theme of my box!

The final bonus top I received was the Le Lis Plaid Print Blouse in Red. I love plaid for fall/winter and this is a nice blouse I can wear to work. It looks great styled on it's own or under a cardigan. I love versatile blouses for dressing for work, so this is something I would have chose for myself. It is definitely a pattern I don't already own and I love the uniqueness of it!

I loved my tote and all the Christmas clothing it contained. I seriously wanted to call up AR as soon as I opened it and thank him/her for everything!!! Everything was exactly my style and I will wear it all, besides the dress I already traded. I loved opening up this tote and seeing all the red and green and holiday themed clothing. I'm so happy it arrived at the perfect time too. I'll be wearing it all this week and next! I think this tote may start my addiction to Golden Tote all over again!!!

Golden Tote will be releasing Mystery Totes on Dec 26th at 9am PST. The Mystery Totes have been a tradition the past couple years and contain 4 previously released chosen/surprise items from the past year of inventory. It's Golden Tote's way of cleaning out and making room for new inventory. For $60/tote you get 4 mystery items (one previous boutique item and 3 surprise items). You can not request specific items and your profile will not be looked at. You can receive duplicate items that you already have received. They are also releasing a denim tote that will be sold by sizes such as 5/27, 7/28, 9/29. The denim tote will contain 3 pairs of jeans for $60. There will also be an accessory/jewelry tote for $30. The Mystery Totes usually sell out quickly, so if you want in on the fun, plan to order right away on release day!!! I'll definitely be trying my luck with a denim mystery tote and a clothing mystery tote!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Popsugar Must Have December 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $39.95/month

I just received my Popsugar Must Have box for December. It shipped very late this month, but they still tried to get it delivered to everyone before Christmas. When I looked at spoilers I thought this looked like a good month and was excited to see the box in person.

Popsugar Must Have always includes an information card. This month's inspirations were Celebration, Holiday Glamour, New Year's, Indulgence, Chocolate, and Sparkles.

The first item in the box was Luv Aj The Rose Gold Ombre Bracelet. Retail price $65. This was designed for Popsugar and has a mix of silver, rose gold, and gold. It's perfect to match all my jewelry! I wear all metals, so I really like this. It is chunky, but not overly chunky and fits my small wrists perfectly. I wasn't too crazy about the packaging, but I'll be keeping this for myself, so wasn't too concerned about it. If I was gifting this, I would have liked it to come in a box. I wouldn't have paid the retail price for this bracelet, but I like it for the price of the subscription!

The next item was Stowaway Cosmetics Creme Lipstick Trio. Retail price $30. These are small sized, so you can use them before the expiration date and they'll fit in the smallest bags for the holidays. We received cranberry, raspberry, and muted plum, which are all perfect for the holidays. They are very pigmented and quite bright. I'll need to have a bold moment to wear these. I never feel like I can pull off bright lip colors. They do feel soft and smooth on your lips and I really like the formula of them!

I also received a Nima Oberoi Lunares Geo Stopper. Retail price $24. This wine stopper will be perfect for entertaining through the holidays. It will be a pretty touch for the wine bottle between drinks. And this was designed to not tarnish or break! It's very pretty and hefty in person. It'd also make a great gift with a bottle of wine.

My favorite item in the December box is the Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box. Retail price $36. This was made exclusively for Popsugar and I love the pale blue color with white stitching. It will match my decor beautifully and I love displaying these types of items on my dresser. I was so happy when I saw this in the spoilers! And it's even nicer than I expected in person. It is lined with suede and embossed with the brand name on the bottom!

I also was excited about receiving My Cup of Cake Classic Belgian Chocolate. Retail price $5.99. You can make a cake in a mug in just 3 minutes! I love this, and can't wait to try it. It looks delicious. I wish it came with the cute mug shown on the packaging!

Another item included was Meri Meri Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape. Retail price $4. This is very pretty tape with silver stars. I'm basically done with my wrapping, but this will be pretty for any occasion, so I'll be saving it to add some sparkle to gifts!

The special extra included was Tiny Prints Gift Tag Stickers + $20 promo card. The stickers are really cute for gifting and are not specifically for Christmas, so I'll be saving these too. I actually already bought gift stickers from Tiny Prints earlier in the season. These are great!

I really liked the December Popsugar Must Have box. It felt festive, but included products you could use all year long. I can't wait to see what they send for January. I also still have the Holiday for Him and Holiday for Her boxes to open, but we are saving them for Christmas Day and I haven't looked at spoilers yet, so I'm excited to see what is in them!!!

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The Zoe Report Box of Style Winter 2015

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $100/quarterly box; $350 yearly subscription

I received my Zoe Report Box of Style Winter box last week. I looked at spoilers for this box, so I knew what I'd be getting. I wasn't too excited by the spoilers and I was hoping I'd like everything better in person. I think the last boxes have been exactly my style, but this one wasn't very me. I know it would have been a long shot, but I was really hoping for a chic cape or unique scarf or wrap in this box. Something very fashion forward and very Rachel Zoe! But this box is a perfectly curated winter box for all climates, so I think most people will love everything included.

These boxes feel so chic. They are a heavy weight and everything is wrapped in black tissue paper, so it really is like a gorgeous gift! This month had black and silver packing material, which felt so festive. My daughter helped me unwrap everything, because just like me she can't resist a present!

The Box of Style information card is more like a mini magazine explaining everything included and how to style it! I took pictures of all the pages, because they are always so perfect.

The hero item for the Winter box was an Alexis Bittar Gold Tone Swarovski Crystal Adjustable Cocktail Ring. Retail price $198. I loved this when I saw the spoiler released, but I'm always leery of adjustable rings, because they sometimes look odd and cheap, and you never really know how they are adjustable. I was hoping this would fit me, but I have very small size fingers, so I thought it may not. I knew it was going to be my favorite item in the box (if it fit) and it definitely was! I have already worn it quite a few times. It is open in the back and you just simply squeeze it to adjust it to the right size, which is perfect. It fits great and looks amazing! I was so happy this fit me and I loved it in person!!! It didn't even matter what else was in the box, because this made it for me and was already worth more than I paid for the box! And this was designed exclusively for the Box of Style winter box!!!

I also received Our Heiday Notecard Set. Retail price $20. Leopard print is not really my style, but these cards look chic and they have gold envelopes. I'm not sure what I'll use these for, but I love having pretty stationary on hand for the right occasion!

There were two items from Honest Beauty included, Makeup Remover Wipes (retail price $10) and Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Mulberry Kiss (retail price $18). I love makeup remover wipes and use them often, so I was happy to receive these. I've never tried Honest Beauty products, so I'm excited to try them. The lip crayon is quite dark for my pale skin, but will be nice to use when I'm feeling bold.

The Lelet NY Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin was a different item that I knew I would use. Retail price $98. I would never pay the retail price for this, but getting it in a box makes me happy. It looks like a moon on a bobby pin and will dress up any hairstyle. I have bob length hair, so I love using decorative bobby pins and clips to dress up my hair. I don't have any like this, so I'll definitely use this. I'll be wearing it on Christmas day with my outfit! Plus this hair pin looks perfect with the ring.

Another item included was Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Masque and complimentary Rare Oil Treatment. Retail price $45. I love receiving luxe hair treatments in subscription boxes, because I don't usually buy them for myself. I haven't tried this yet, but I think I'll love it for my dry winter hair. I'm always nervous to try oil in my hair, because my hair is already oily, but this will be good for the winter months. 

And a winter box wouldn't be complete without a sparkly nail polish, so Ciate London Nail Polish in Celestial was included. Retail price $15. I've already use this on my nails and my daughter's nails to add just the right amount of sparkle for the holidays. This is great on it's own or over a colored polish!

The styling tool included is Foot Petals Custom Tip Toes. Retail price $8. You use these in high heels to make them more cushioned and comfortable. I don't wear high heels often, but I'll try these when I do. These were made exclusively for Box of Style

The Winter Box of Style included great products to use throughout the cold months and if you live in a warm climate, these items were perfect for you too! I think this box was smartly curated for everyone. And it definitely feels very chic and luxe. I wasn't crazy about every single piece and would have preferred more fashion items than makeup and beauty items, but as usual it was way more in value than the price of the box. I can't wait to see the spoiler for the spring box! I think these boxes will continue to be one to watch out for!!!

*This subscription was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!