Friday, October 4, 2013

Stitch Fix #1 October 2013

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $20 styling fee + retail price of items you keep

My first Stitch Fix box came this week!!! I was so excited to try this subscription. I got so antsy when I knew the box was on its way, that I tried to do some snooping to see what I might get. I tried to look at reviews to see if lots of people received one or two of the same things, but didn't have any luck. I noticed that the items showed up in my account before I received my fix, so I tried to figure out what the items might look like (it didn't include the clothing brands, just described what it was). I googled everything, but couldn't find anything close and when I started seeing athletic wear I had to be on the wrong track (fingers crossed), because that is not my style at all. I got scared and decided this was one subscription I would just have to wait for. 

The box was recognizably from Stitch Fix with their logo on the brown box and Stitch Fix packing tape. I really liked the packaging and love their color scheme. The colors, the nice card enclosed with the instructions and a packing slip of the items, complete with prices, descriptions, and also some thoughts from the stylist. Loved it!!

My first look at the items was not good. Most of the items were black and I do not wear a lot of black. I was slightly disappointed, but excited to try the stuff on. I figured I probably wouldn't be keeping the whole box, because I don't need that many black pieces. I left feedback for my next fix to include more color and patterns. I tried everything on and I'll give you a breakdown of what I kept and what I sent back.

Here's a look at what I received. 

Eight Sixty-Aubree Printed Hi-Lo Sheer Blouse

Retail Price $45

I loved this shirt immediately. It wasn't solid black, which is a plus. I wasn't crazy about the pattern, but when I tried it on I knew I would purchase it. It fit loosely and was flowy. I loved that it had long sleeves. It will be perfect for fall! I tried it on with skirts and pants and loved it with both. The style card was perfect! They paired it with a blue pencil skirt, which I think will look great (I may need to buy one).


Tart-Ari Solid Wrap Dress

Retail Price $128

After much debate with myself whether I REALLY needed a black dress, I decided I would regret not keeping this. I perused my closet and realized I didn't have TOO many black dresses! The versatility of a black wrap dress alone was worth the purchase. And it has long sleeves, which makes it perfect for fall/winter (and I didn't have a long sleeved black dress in my closet already). Yay! It fit great and the material is so soft!!! I can't wait to style this with bright or patterned tights and a statement necklace!


Natural Life-Roma Cowl Neck Jersey Knit Top
Retail Price $48

I loved the blue color of this shirt and it was the only item in my box that was a color (I definitely commented in my feedback that I wanted more color in my next fix) I tried this on even though I generally hate cowl necks on me. And I hated it. I always feel so droopy when I wear them (I'm not sure that is even a term to describe fashion) Plus, I'm a cardigan girl (I wear one practically every day) and they never seem to look right with these types of shirts. 

Sent Back

Dear John-Joy Bootcut Twill Pant

Retail Price $88

These black pants fit perfect. I thought they would be tight, but not at all. They were a little long on me (as you can see in the pictures), but a tailor could have fixed that. I was leaning towards keeping these, but didn't because I really wanted pieces I could also wear to work and these were too casual (I left that in my feedback for my next Stitch Fix) They were the softest material and were very comfortable! I may regret not purchasing these :(

Sent Back

Glam-Augusta Short Sleeve Striped Top
Retail Price $58

This shirt was navy, but still really dark. I was not crazy about the pattern with the vertical stripes. It was cut really boxy and I didn't like the fit. It also had a shorter front than back, with slits on the sides, which made the back look strange (like a flap). I just didn't feel like myself when I had this shirt on, so it went back.

Sent Back

Stitch Fix also includes style cards on all the pieces to give ideas of how to dress the items up or down. 

I'm excited to see what my stylist picks out for me for Stitch Fix #2. I left lots of feedback and I can't wait to see my next box at the end of this month!


  1. Great stuff! I so need to try a Stitch Fix!!!

  2. I LOVE the wrap dress! I don't understand why this is not in my closet right now! I wish I was able to do Stitch Fix!