Friday, October 18, 2013

Citrus Lane October 2013

Rating: Lifer!!!!!
Cost: $25/month

Citrus Lane is one of my favorite subscription boxes to open every month with my daughter! I always love the products they send and this month was no different. This review is for a 16 month old girl. The box this month was pink instead of yellow, as usual. In honor of two important causes, they created the bowstache. It's pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and shaped like a mustache to support Men's Health Awareness month in November. And there were cute mustache and ribbon cutouts on the box for your child to model!

This box included something for all the important parts of a baby's routine - Playtime, Bath time, and Bedtime. Here's a look at what we got this month:

The first item for playtime was a Toddler Tambourine from Hohner Kids. My daughter instantly loved this toy and was making music in no time. She loves instruments and we don't have a tambourine yet, so this fits into her collection perfectly!!!

The next item for bath time was Scrubble from Boon. They explain these bath toys as a cross between a squirter and a loofa. Your little one can fill it with water and squirt it out and also use the textured surface to scrub themselves clean. These look like a lot of fun! I think my daughter will love playing with these and squirting the water out. And I love that they come apart so they are easy to wash and dry! We can't wait to try them out. (My daughter was going to have a bath tonight, but she fell asleep earlier than usual, so we'll be trying them out tomorrow)

We also got a Bops from Good Boy Organics. (Snack time is a very important part of baby's routine also) They are baked organic potato snacks. She had these as a snack today and loved them!!! She loves all kinds of chips and these are healthy for her, so I didn't feel bad about her eating them. (I had to hide these from her when we opened the box, because she would have been begging for these)

The final item in the October box for bedtime was Babybug from Cricket Magazine. This is a really cute magazine and she liked looking at the pictures and hearing the stories and rhymes. This is a magazine aimed at children age 0-3. I think this is a perfect magazine for her age. It also came with a coupon for 3 months of digital copies. We will definitely put these to use.

Another month that I love every item from Citrus Lane! Oh, I also need to show you the add on that I ordered, because it goes with the pink theme of the box! (Citrus Lane sends emails to their subscribers of items they can add onto their box at a discounted price with no additional shipping costs and sometimes I just can't resist ordering) It's a Green Toys Pink Race Car. I love this and think she will really enjoy it too!!! What girl wouldn't want a pink race car?

Do you subscribe to Citrus Lane? What did you get in your box???

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