Friday, October 18, 2013

Popsugar Must Have October 2013

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $35/month (increasing to $39.95 effective Nov 4, 2013)

When I saw the Popsugar Must Have box on my doorstep yesterday, I was very surprised! Partially, because my subscription was not supposed to start until November and because I never received an email from them saying that the box had shipped. I had already looked at some blog reviews to see what was in the October box (because I thought I wouldn't be getting it) so I knew what would be inside. But it's still fun to open a box that you have never received before to see how everything is packaged!!!

This box felt pretty heavy and looked very full when I opened it up. I think this is my new favorite subscription box....EVER!!!! It felt like I kept pulling more items out of the box and it was great how much was packed in there. The booklet telling everything included in the box was much larger than any other subscription box I've received before. I could tell I was getting my money's worth. No wonder they are upping the price to $39.95/month (effective Nov 4, 2013) It's definitely worth it and I will keep subscribing even with the price increase!!! Here's what I got:

A Must Have Food item included in this box was The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified! by Jessica Seinfeld. This cook book looks perfect for me! I hate cooking and I'm terrible at it! (The problem is I spend so much time cooking and the food that results is usually not edible, so I end up ordering out anyways) So, I never cook, unless I absolutely have to, which is usually never. I'm really going to try some recipes in this book and see how we like them. It even has pages that fold out further to give you more detail and pictures of exactly what you should be doing (I need that) I'm actually excited about trying to cook with this book!!! We'll see how it goes and maybe I'll post pictures.

A Must Have Beauty item included was NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Smokey Shadow Palette. I love a smoky eye, and these colors look great! I'm excited to test out the different colors. I don't usually wear eye liner, but I may give this a try. Or I may gift this. I'm undecided. I'm so bad at drawing a straight and even line on my eyelid that I just gave up and wear shadow as liner instead. I do think liner looks great and makes eyes really pop, but I just haven't been able to master this technique. Maybe I'll give it another go.

The Must Have Fashion item included was Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet. If you purchase it on the Gorjana retail site, 100% of the proceeds goes to the charity Breast Cancer Connections. This bracelet is adorable! It's the perfect color for breast cancer awareness and I love how bright it is. It fits my wrist perfect and it's so dainty! (This runs quite tiny (7in) if you're thinking about ordering one)

The next Must Have Beauty product included was Julep for Popsugar Duo. I received a Julep nail polish in my September Citrus Lane box and was hoping that it was not the same color (I received Coco in Citrus Lane) I saw some reviews and they received Coco. But I received a nice blue/purple color (Millie) that I love and am looking forward to wearing immediately!!! And also a Julep top coat (Freedom). I really needed a new top coat, because the brand I am currently using I do not like at all. I'm interested to see how this one works!

The next Must Have Fashion item was Jane Tran Bobby Pins. These bobby pins look really nice and the colors are great (green, gray, and blue). But I'm not sure they'll work in my hair because it's very fine, but I'm going to try them. They may end up going to a friend!

Another Must Have Beauty item included was The Wet Brush. This brush is exactly what I need! I always brush my hair when it's wet and definitely use the wrong brush for it, so I was very happy to get this. I tried it on shampooed, but not conditioned wet hair and it worked amazing! Didn't pull, tug, or tear at all. I'm thinking I need to buy an extra one to put aside for when my daughter has enough hair to actually brush, because you know how fun it is to brush a child's wet hair. This would make it so much easier on their little scalps! 

The final Must Have Food item included in this box was The Crispery Halloween Crispycake. This yummy treat looked delicious and was! It was very large and perfect for sharing. We had it as a treat after dinner. 

The Special Extra included in the October box was $20 for Stitch Fix. My #2 Stitch Fix box will be here in a week or so and I'm looking forward to using this towards my purchase! Great addition to the box.  

I am very happy with this box and I'm already excited to see the Popsugar Must Have box for November! What do you love about Popsugar Must Have?

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  1. I need to rave about the Julep nail polish I received in this box! It is my favorite color!!! It's not quite blue and not quite purple (blurple is what I'll call it), but the perfect mix of the two leaving you guessing what color it actually is. The coverage is great and this is such a fun fall color that is very different than anything I've owned before (and I own a lot of nail polish). I think this may become my signature nail polish color because I love it that much!!!