Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ModCloth Stylish Surprise March 2014

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $10 each for Apparel Stylish Surprise

I received my 2nd ModCloth Stylish Surprise order yesterday. I just couldn't resist ordering more, after looking at all the great stuff I was seeing other people receive. I was secretly hoping for a great coat or a wonderful dress (something from Plenty by Tracy Reese). Of course, I knew this would not be my luck, but I gladly gave ModCloth another $24 to try my luck at 2 more clothing items.

When I received my tracking it said my package weighed 4lbs, so I was hopeful a coat was in my future. I was dreading the fact that I may be receiving 2 very ugly sweaters. I had not seen ANY sweaters that I liked, that others received.

So, when my package arrived I was both nervous and excited to open it up and see what was inside. Here's a picture of the box.

And here is what it looked like when I opened up the box. I think I saw some other people receive the item on top and I was very excited!

Here are the 2  items I received. My first impression was they were both great fall colors, but I needed to check them out a little closer.

The first item was a Jack by BB Dakota Writer's Block Party Coat that originally retailed for $97.99 on the ModCloth website. It looks like the last sale price was $28.99, so for $10 I definitely got a great deal. It's more of a burgundy color, than red like the pictures portray below. It was the same adorable coat I had seen other's post and was envious of. I was more than thrilled to have this in my box and couldn't wait to see if it fit. And it was perfect, large enough to wear with sweaters during the winter, but still fitted enough to give you a cute hourglass shape. I won't lie, I squealed a little when I realized this fit and it was mine for only $10!!! I'm in love with this coat!!! The best part it matches the BAIT shoes I received in my last Stylish Surprise order. Score!

The final item looked like a nice sweater from the packaging. The color was a great fall color and the buttons on it looked nice, but I couldn't tell what it really looked like from the packaging. I opened it up...and...wow. It was very large, like a poncho/blanket. I thought maybe it would be comfy and cozy for the days I just want to curl up. I tried it on and it did nothing for me...absolutely nothing. It was very large and unflattering. Oh well. You can't win them all, right?!? I'm still thrilled with the coat I received and would have paid $24 for that alone, so it was not a total waste. I'm happy with my purchase...and if anyone thinks they can make the mustard yellow sweater by Urban Day work for them, let me know. The size says s/m, but I think it would fit any size.

I'm still obsessively looking at what others are receiving and becoming very envious of all the beautiful dresses I've seen, especially the Plenty by Tracy Reese ones. I love love love them! Maybe next time I'll be lucky enough to have one of them in my Stylish Surprise!!!

Did you get a ModCloth Stylish Surprise? I'd love to hear about it or see pictures!

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  1. I LOVE that coat - so so so pretty!! And we just won't talk about the sweater haha.

    1. I did get a couple nice Stylish Surprise items, making it worth the purchase, but I was really hoping for a great dress! Oh well. Did you buy any Stylish Surprise items? I'd love to hear what you received.

    2. And for the sweater....that is going off to a better home!

  2. i love the sweater!!

    Kris in MN