Thursday, March 27, 2014

ModCloth Stylish Surprise March 2014

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $10 each for Apparel Stylish Surprise or Shoe Stylish Surprise

I received my ModCloth Stylish Surprise order and I couldn't be more excited to see what was in this giant box. The box size was 24x16x8 in and it wasn't a cute ModCloth box like the other Stylish Surprises come in. It was just a plain brown box, but that was fine with me. I just wanted to know what was inside!

I had ordered 1 apparel item and 2 pairs of shoes. I was hoping for at least one item that fit well and I liked. And I had seen people post lots of spoilers of very cute things, so I was hopeful I wouldn't totally hate what was inside my box. I do have to mention that I have the worst luck with these grab bag type things. Like, I always get the worst, ugliest thing...always. So, I'm sure you want to hear about what was inside, but first a picture of the giant box.

And here is what I saw when I opened it up. I still could not see anything, so I quickly ripped away the packing material.

Here is what was inside.

The apparel Stylish Surprise was a long skirt by Bea & Dot by ModCloth. It is the Constellation Elation Skirt and retails for $84.99 (currently on sale for $24.99 on the ModCloth website). Unfortunately, this fit more like an x small than a small and I wasn't able to comfortably wear this. It had an interesting constellation pattern, and I think this would have been a fun piece to style. I took a picture of it shown with a plain ribbed tank, but I think you could pair this with many things. The best thing is there are trade forums for these Stylish Surprise items and I was able to trade it for a cute dress. I'm very happy about that!

The first pair of shoes I received was Dollhouse Trek Lace Up Combat Boots in chestnut that retail for $34 (This is an estimated price as I saw these for sale at various prices). I tried these on and they ran large and were too big for me. I'll be honest, these are not really my style, so I wasn't too sad these didn't fit correctly. I will try to trade these for something more my style. If anyone is interested in these size 9 boots, please let me know.

At this point I was a little disappointed that nothing had fit me correctly. I knew there was a chance that would happen, but I ordered the size I normally wear at all retailers, so I thought the items would fit. Ok, on to my last pair of shoes.

The final pair of shoes I received were BAIT (But Another Innocent Tale) Heda Heels in wine. These were cute! And when I tried them on, they fit perfectly. Yay! Finally this box wasn't a total loss. Now, I didn't expect to get anything worth a lot of money and honestly didn't think any of the stuff I received was too pricey (just basing it on quality). So, I was looking up the values for this blog post, and these BAIT shoes retail for $72 and are still available to purchase on the BAIT Footwear website. Yay! I only paid $10 for these and $34 for everything (including shipping). So, these shoes alone paid for my order and luckily fit me well. I probably won't wear these through the summer months, but they'll be perfect for fall!

And....since they still have Apparel Stylish Surprises left in my size (size small), I ordered 2 more. I'll do another review of what I get. What can I say...I'm addicted! I'm constantly checking Instagram and forums to see what other people are getting and I'm jealous of so many of the things I see. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some duds, but for the most part I'm not seeing too many!

Did you order a Stylish Surprise? I'd love to hear what you got...

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  1. I like how you paired the skirt with the tank - its cute! Bummer 2 items didn't work for you though.