Saturday, April 26, 2014

Golden Tote April 2014

Rating: Lifer!!!!!
Cost: $49 or $149/tote (I'm reviewing the $149 tote today)

I received my Golden Tote for April! I was so excited to see the items I chose in person and see what surprise items I received. I always try to find reviews and spoilers of what others receive before I get my tote and secretly hope I get certain items in my box. And as usual there were a few things I wanted to see and some I was hoping I wouldn't get. The great thing about Golden Tote is they have a Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook, and I've never had any problem finding someone to trade with, when something I received just wasn't my style.

Ok, enough blabbing, on to the tote. The tote bag changed this month, because of their collaboration with Woo. They featured 2 Woo dresses as pieces you could choose this month, and also multiple surprise Woo items showed up in totes. I actually prefer this design on the tote bag. I think it's adorable (even though I live nowhere close to California).

These are the pieces I received inside the tote bag. Do you see anything you recognize?!?

With the $149 tote, you choose 2 items and receive additional surprise items. The first item I chose was the Woo Kaftan dress in black. I was so excited to see this dress in person. The midi length is outside my comfort zone, but I fell in love with this dress. They ended up including a black slip with the dress, which I am so glad about. The dress was very sheer and would not be wearable without it. That's one of the reasons I love Golden Tote, they pay attention to those details and make sure their customers are going to be 100% satisfied with everything they receive. the details on this dress are really beautiful! I'm in love with my new Woo dress!!!

This dress also came with a rope belt (which I styled it with above). I already know I will be wearing this belt with so many things this summer. It also came in the most adorable canvas bag with the same design as the tote. I'm so happy Golden Tote included it with this dress!

The next item I chose was the Variegated dress by Collective Concepts in green. Golden Tote styled this dress with a rope belt also. It looks great with or without a belt. I also styled it with the rope belt included in my Golden Tote. I love how this dress fits a little loose and blousy. This will be a very easy dress to throw on and still look polished. It can be dressed up or down. Another win!

My first surprise item was something I was hoping for. Golden Tote announced the first 1000 orders would receive a Woo raglan lace top and I was hoping I would get it. I ordered a couple days after the sale started, so I wasn't sure I'd be getting one. I was so happy I did. I received the shirt with white sleeves, but I also saw a grey sleeve variation. I would have been happy with either. This shirt is from the Woo Souvenir Edition collection. They also included a black cami as an extra item, so you were able to wear it immediately. I was very excited about that. This shirt fits great and can be styled with pants or skirts. I love it!

I didn't take a picture of the black cami, but it was very nice quality with adjustable straps. Golden Tote included a card in the tote explaining why they included it.

Golden Tote also includes styling cards for the items you choose each month. I love these!

Another surprise item I received was the Priddy by Puella dress in navy/white with a red lining. I was hoping for this color (I have seen others receive a black/white variation). This also looks adorable with the rope belt and gave it a nice nautical feel. It looks great worn with or without a belt and is very soft and comfortable. I'm thinking this will make a great swimsuit cover-up to throw on, when I'm off to the beach (can't wait for that)!

The next surprise item I received was an item I loved from last month and requested. It was the Porridge t-shirt with the floral back. These shirts are so comfortable and I put it on my order that if they had any left in my size I would like it as a surprise item. I was very happy when I saw this in my tote. So, now I have the blue/white pattern and floral pattern (this was my favorite pattern). Yay!

And the final surprise item I received was a super b tank top in navy. I've never heard of this brand before or received anything from them. This is so soft. I was a bit iffy about it at first, but I think this will be easy to style with many different things. I'm just not sure what kind of under garment I can wear with it, because I'm not really a strapless type of girl. This has very thin straps that are kind of halter style and tie in back, creating a very cute back detail.

I loved everything in my tote this month!!! And Golden Tote already started releasing spoilers for the May tote, which I believe will start May 5th. I like what I'm seeing!

Did you get a Golden Tote? What did you get?!?

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  1. This is one great tote Kristie!! I was late to purchase and missed the open back dress twice and ended up with a $49 tote. If I were to get the bigger tote I would have chosen your pick items; they are both gorgeous! The Kaftan dress is one of the most original dresses I've seen this summer and the midi length is very fresh. The Collective Concepts dress you chose is even cuter, and a perfect summer piece. The Woo Raglan and the last tank are our common items. Woo lace is my favorite of my own tote; a classic. The tank top on the bottom grew on me after I styled it. It was wonderful you were able to get that poppy back Porridge Tee; I've worn it seriously a million times since last month. Enjoy your pretties my dear! XOXO, Elif

    1. I love the Kaftan dress so much that I went to the I Love Woo website and ordered a similar dress for my daughter! Golden Tote is fueling my addiction to clothes. I'm already trying to decide what I will choose for my May tote!!!