Friday, August 2, 2013

Popbasic August 2013

My next addiction is going to be Popbasic. I just stumbled upon them by reading other blogs and love their concept. It's not a subscription, but they offer a 3 piece micro collection sale monthly. You are not locked into buying each month, but I expect to be purchasing most months.

The newest micro collection called Serendipity is coming soon (probably opening next week, according to their Facebook page). I'm really looking forward to it. Leading up to the sale they post preview pictures on their social media sites and a video showcasing the products you'll receive. It's usually one basic item you can wear with everything and then a few accessories or other clothing pieces as pop items! For August they are offering a little black dress. You always need a little black dress that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion!

I LOVE this dress! Looks super easy to wear and comfy. I'm worried it may be a bit short, but leggings or tights will fix that! The bracelets are the other items included in the limited edition micro collection for August. I'll show close up pictures below. The price of this micro collection has not been disclosed yet, but the collections are between $50-$100. They also provide worldwide shipping for free!

I am so excited about the rope bracelets, especially the knot one! And rose gold is one of my favorite metals, so the bangle is sure to be a favorite! I love the versatility of all the items you would receive. I could see myself wearing these bracelets alone, together, and with EVERYTHING! If you opt to purchase, you will receive the three-piece micro collection with a beauty or lifestyle surprise. The reviews I've read of past collections sound great, so I'm definitely going to try this collection! Hopefully it doesn't sell out of my size before I'm able to purchase, since they don't announce exactly when the sale will start ahead of time.

Has anyone purchased past collections from Popbasic? What did you think?

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