Friday, August 16, 2013

Golden Tote July 2013

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $49 or $149/month

My Golden Tote for July finally arrived. I was a bit disappointed with the shipping process this month. I received an email after I thought my purchase had shipped asking if I minded if they shipped it without the tote because they were waiting on an order of them. I was hoping to get my tote before I left for vacation, so I told them they could ship it. They shipped it shortly after, but it didn't come before I left for vacation. But it did give me something to look forward to when I came home from vacation!

I ordered the $149 tote this month and I won't show you the packaging because all the items were packaged in a brown box, since I didn't receive the tote bag. Here is the first item I chose.

The Chevron dress by Collective Concepts is my favorite item in the box. This fits perfect and is exactly what I was hoping for. I can't wait to wear it! Below is the style card that was included showing how to wear the dress 4 ways.

The next item I chose was the Eiffel Tower blouse by Under Skies. This blouse has really nice gold buttons on the shoulders and wrists and an elastic waistband, which makes it looks pulled together without having to tuck it in. It drapes very nicely and the print is black and red, which looks very classic.

Below is the style card that was included showing how to wear the blouse 4 ways.

The next item I received was a tank by Collective Concepts. I really like the fit of this! I wasn't too sure about the print because it is a bit colorful, but I think it will fit into my wardrobe nicely and look adorable with skinny jeans and flats.

The next item is a light grey sweater by Under Skies with an open weave. I think this will transition easily into fall. It has a nice easy fit and is very comfortable!

I received a blue patterned t-shirt by Puella. This shirt has a very easy fit and was comfortable when I put it on. I can't wait to wear it with a flirty skirt! I really like when Puella items are included as surprise items. They are always my favorite pieces in the tote!

The next item I received was a black skirt with a blue/orange waistband detail by Potter's Pot. And this is the first piece from everything I have received from Golden Tote that I wasn't crazy about. It fits great, but it is just not my style. When I had it on I felt like another person and wasn't sure how I would style it or where I would ever wear it. Only disliking 1 item from all the totes I've ordered is not bad at all. And I was able to find a forum on Makeup Talk that you can trade Golden Tote items with others. Check it out here if you're interested I have the below skirt listed in a size small for trade if you have anything from Golden Tote you weren't crazy about and would like to trade.

The below bobby pins by bando were my extra item for being one of the first 75 customers to order the July tote. They are super cute!

As usual I am very pleased with my Golden Tote! In August the website has made some changes to their sales. Instead of holding week long sales once a month they are holding month long sales and plan on posting new picks for the totes early in the month. The next tote sale will start Sept 3rd. So there is still time to order if you like what I received! But sizes are limited and items have been selling out quickly.

Have you shopped Golden Tote? What do you think?

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