Saturday, March 11, 2017

ModCloth Stylish Surprise March 2017

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: Shoes $10 each; Jewelry $5

I tried my luck at ModCloth's Stylish Surprise when the website announced it last week. It's a total surprise, so you don't know what you'll get. You choose your size and order dresses, clothing, shoes, jewelry, or home items. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes in my size and one jewelry item. The jewelry is usually sold out when I find out about Stylish Surprise, so I decided to try one jewelry item. The Stylish Surprise is now sold out, but ModCloth does the sale a couple times a year, so keep on the lookout for them!

My order arrived today and it's always fun opening the box to see what I received! I couldn't wait to see everything! The box was pretty large, so I thought I'd be getting boots. I always get nervous about boots that I haven't tried on, because I have very thin calves and they are always large on my legs, but for $10 a pair I always take a chance at Stylish Surprise. When I opened the box I saw two shoe boxes that I wasn't familiar with. One was the brand My Delicious Shoes and the other was NY LA Premium.

I opened up the My Delicious Shoes box first. They are a tan ankle boot that zips up the side. They are neutral and will go with a lot and they fit me, so I was happy with these. They don't feel like a quality shoe, so I'm sure they won't last for years, but I will wear them as long as they don't hurt my feet. I tried to google what these boots cost, but couldn't find the same one. From what I found it looks like the average cost for this brand for ankle boots was around $30, so $10 for these was a deal. They're simple and classic and I don't have a simple tan ankle boot, so I'm happy with these. I like the slightly rounded toe and heel height and color!

I was very excited to see what the NY LA shoes were. It said they're designed and made in the US on the box, so I was happy about that. I was hoping they'd be something I would wear. The box said the style was Dance Loaf in Black and it also had a sticker stating leather upper and rubber sole, so I was excited to see what they were. When I opened them up I knew my order was worth it! They are simple black loafers with very soft leather. I will wear these a lot because they will go with everything! In fact, these will probably be my go to black flat shoes for the office. I love them! They are very comfortable too! And the rubber sole makes them not slippery. I love them! I found the same style in a different color on Amazon with one size left for $41, and it looked like this brand of shoes retailed around $70, so these were a good deal! I was so happy to get plain black loafers and they're so comfy, so I'm extremely happy! Very simple and classic! Definitely worth taking a chance!

I also tried a jewelry piece this time and I'm happy I did! I saw the jewelry as soon as I opened the box, and couldn't help checking it out right away. It's a pretty statement necklace in neutral colors that will go with everything. This is something I would have picked out for myself and spent a lot more than $5 on, so this was perfect for me! I love it! It has white jewels, a very pale pink color, and an iridescent jewel with some sparkly rhinestones too. I took a few pics of this (can you tell I love it?!?)

I also took a pic wearing it. I could make it longer or shorter too. I know I'll be wearing this a lot! I'm so happy I decided to try my luck with jewelry this time. And so happy I was sent this!

I was so happy with my whole ModCloth Stylish Surprise order. I've had pretty good luck with the shoes, so I continue to order them. It's a fun way to get some different shoes and not a big loss at $10 a pair if you don't like them. I'm so happy that both pairs of shoes I received are simple and practical for my lifestyle. I will definitely get a lot of use out of them. And I love the necklace too! This was the perfect order for me!!!

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