Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wantable Intimates January 2015

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $36/month or $40 for one time purchase

I received my Wantable Intimates January subscription last week. I was excited to see what was inside. I stopped getting this Wantable subscription for quite a while (almost a year), but decided it was worth trying again, because I had seen lots of cute reviews with great products. And now Wantable is providing more expensive and quality brands, but you receive less items, which I'm fine with. I'm not sure if there is a way to peek at what you are getting, so this box was a complete surprise. I had requested a couple items that I really wanted, but that's never a guarantee that you'll get them in your box.

With Wantable you fill out a profile with your sizes and likes and dislikes. You are not supposed to receive any items you dislike. For my loves I have Loungewear and Socks, and my likes are Tights/Hosiery, Panties, and Bras. I was really hoping for some loungewear! You can also leave comments in your profile, so I requested a couple items in mine. My stylist replied to tell me one of the items I requested was not available, but it was nice to know my comments were read.

Ok, now onto the box. Here is the first look.

Wantable includes an information card explaining everything included in the box and the retail price of the items, but I didn't take a picture of it.

The first item I received was a Velvet Insert Boxer Set by Nouveau Pajama Drama in Raspberry. The retail price is $38. It's a cute loungewear set with a long sleeved top and shorts. It's really comfy, but I'm not too fond of the velvet accents. The sleeves are slightly short on me, but I'll only be wearing this inside the house to bed, so it's not a big deal. I would have preferred a pajama set with pants, which is what I requested, but these aren't awful. I saw quite a few people receive these in their boxes. This is not something I would have purchased for myself, especially for $38, but I'll wear it to bed.

The next item I received was a Scallop Rose Bralette by Real Underwear. The retail price is $18. This is adorable! I don't wear bralettes often because I like a little more support and padding (because I need it). I'm a B cup and they mentioned this ran small, so they sized up. I received a size large and it fits perfect (I'm a size small in shirts). Glad they sized up! I was excited this was in my box. I should have took a close up picture of the lace. It was a really pretty rose design!

The final item in my box was an item I requested, so I was very happy to see it in my box! It was MukLuk Slipper Socks by Muk Luks. The retail price is $24. I received the black/white pattern, which I love. These are comfy and perfect. And actually look kind of cute paired with the pajama set. I love the tie detail, so cute!!!

I'm happy with this box from Wantable Intimates. I'm still debating whether I should continue this subscription or not. I like a few of the items, but I never seem to receive the pajama sets I would love, which is what I'm always hoping for. I think the value of this box was great, though. It cost $36/month and I definitely received more than that, so I'm happy. 

What do you think about Wantable?

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