Thursday, June 19, 2014

Citrus Lane June 2014

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $29/month

My 24 month old daughter's Citrus Lane box arrived yesterday! That's right, it's her birthday month and the little darling will be 2 on the 26th! Where has the time gone?!? I always think this box is even more special to open during her birthday month and was hoping for some great surprises (Citrus Lane never disappoints).

My daughter loves to see this box waiting for her on the doorstep.

Here is the first look.

Citrus Lane always includes an information card with details about all the products in the box.

This month we got to choose one item and it was the Wet Bag from Bumkins. There was various patterns/designs to choose from, but I fell in love with the Minnie print. We already own a wet bag in a different print and use it all the time, so I was happy to get another one. And who can resist this print?!? This is great for summer weather, when you just never know when you'll have wet clothes because you needed to take a swim.

The next item we received was a Pouch Puzzle by Mudpuppy. We received a puzzle last month, so I was surprised to see one this month too. Last month it was a wooden puzzle, so this is different and at first I thought it might be a puzzle that could be used in water, but it isn't. I think a puzzle for the beach is a great idea, but that might just be me. So, anyways this is a cardboard puzzle (which we don't own, because my daughter is still in the wooden puzzle phase). This is bright and colorful and I think she'll enjoy trying to put it together.

The next item was what I was most excited to see in the box. It was a Zoo Straw Bottle from Skip Hop. I love everything from Skip Hop and we have the lunch bag in the same owl character, so I was very happy! I'm always excited about new sippy cups and my daughter loves the straw ones, so this is perfect!

The final item included was Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics. These are essential nutrition bars baked with whole grains, fruits, veggies, and yogurt. My daughter loved these! Plus they're healthy for her. She's at the age where she doesn't always want to eat what we're eating, so these come in handy to make sure she's getting the nutrition she needs.

Another great month with Citrus Lane! We will definitely use every item, as usual. I'm very happy and already looking forward to what we'll get next month!

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