Saturday, February 1, 2014

Popbasic Current Sunday Collection and Spoilers

Popbasic releases a mini collection each month with 2-3 pieces that they slowly reveal throughout the month and it is never disclosed when the sale will open. I anxiously stalk my email waiting until I can make the purchase. This is one of my favorite companies and has been since I discovered them. I think I've only skipped one collection, so far. The Sunday Collection for January 2014 is available now and I'm in love! This collection features a Blueberry Silk Blouse, Wishbone Bangle, and Wishbone Ring and is $85 with free shipping worldwide. I ordered it the very first day it was available, because I'm always nervous it will sell out, and once they do they're gone. Popbasic has also given spoilers for February and March and I know I'll be ordering them as well. Check it out.

January Collection

February Collection including Black Tank

March/April Collection including White T-shirt and Infinity Scarf, this collection will also feature a leather clutch in gray not shown

Popbasic also does some unique things that has set them apart. They send cupcakes to lucky followers, have a penpal program, a book club, and podcasts. Like their facebook page to get in on this. And one of my favorite things they do is allow followers to create Polyvore creations with each collection that are included on their website. This is also a way to have a chance at winning the collection! If you don't want to miss out on the Sunday Collection order today! Also, sign up on their website to receive email notifications for future collections!

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