Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wantable Intimates January 2014

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $36/month

I received my January Wantable Intimates box yesterday. I was very excited to see what would be inside. This month when I opened the box it had a paper that said "We Meet Again" across the box and the order sheet below that, so I wasn't sure what I would find. But I loved the presentation of the box, so I had high hopes it would be a great box! Here's the first look.

The first item I pulled out of the box was a Betsey Johnson Intimates Sleepshirt in Pink Cadillac. Retail Price $52.00. I love Betsey Johnson and was secretly hoping for some cute undies or lingerie from her line. I've seen others receive some really cute Betsey Johnson items in their boxes. This was a cotton night shirt and it's really soft and comfortable, but the message is much to young for me. It fits really great though (short and flirty), with cute heart shaped accent buttons. I would have loved this if it was plain or a patterned fabric! This is just not for me and I may gift it to a younger niece that would love it!!!

The item I was hoping I would get in this box was Wantable Cable Knit Footless Fleece Tights. Retail Price $24.00. These fit perfect and are really warm. I need to buy a long cream or light colored sweater to wear these with, maybe a pastel pink or mint green! They're grey, with a very cute cable knit pattern. These were my favorite thing in this months box!!! I can't wait to wear these.

The next item was St. Eve Seamless Boyshort in Pink Stripe. Retail Price $9.00. These are nice. They fit right and are seamless, which I like. I like the pink/white stripe with the orange waistband. I will wear these, but was hoping for something a little more flirty. I'm going to try to change my profile to try to get some more flirty pieces in my next box.

The last item I received is one I love! It's a Wantable Ladies Round Neck/V-neck Cami in Red. Retail Price $16.00. This cami has a round neck on one side and a V-neck on the opposite, so you can wear it whichever way suits your outfit better. Genius!!! Plus red was the perfect color for me. I needed a new red cami, so this came at the perfect time. I actually want to buy these in every color!

This was a decent box. I was happy with most of the items, but disappointed in the most expensive item (Betsey Johnson Sleepshirt). You are able to return the entire box if you don't like it, but since I can't part with the fleece lined tights I won't be. I'm going to try Wantable Intimates for at least one more month to see if  I can get some flirty pieces for February. I'm going to change my profile to see if it helps. I'm hoping for some new lingerie for Valentine's Day!

What'd you get in your Wantable Intimates?

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