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Blues Jean Bar (BJB) Express Box January 2014

Rating: Not For Me!
Cost: Pay retail price of items you keep

I was so excited to try Blues Jean Bar (BJB) Express Box, that I subscribed immediately after finding out about it! It sounded perfect for me. I'm addicted to clothes, especially denim and was so excited to see what they would send me.

BJB Express is similar to Stitch Fix in concept, you fill out a profile online and select how often you want to receive a box (monthly, quarterly, or one time). You pay $1 to have the box shipped to you and you try everything on and keep what you love and send back what you don't. You only pay for the items you keep. You work closely with a stylist to tell them your likes and dislikes, and will receive up to 6 outfits. You have 10 days to return the unwanted items. You ship the items back with the shipping label that's included in the same box everything comes in. If you return everything within 2 days you get 20% off.

Here's what the box looked like when it arrived.

And here's what it looked like when I opened the box.

The outfits were all bundled with twine. I had 4 bundles included in my box.

Here's a look at what was included in each bundle.

Ok. So I was a little disappointed in what was sent to me. I requested no skinny jeans, since that is all I currently own and all I was sent was skinny jeans. I was happy to see one of the outfits I asked for, that was featured on their Facebook page. The prices were all different, some items were on sale and some were very expensive. I liked the range of prices that were offered, but most of the outfits were pretty much the same. I was hoping for more variety and some sweaters since it is going to be very cold for at least 2 more months where I live. They also sent a variety of sizes. I received shirts in sizes ranging from XS to M (I wear a S) and jeans ranging from 25 to 27 (I wear a 27).

I didn't take pictures of myself wearing the clothes, and I used a dress form for the shirts. The pants all fit decent, some better than others, but the ones I liked were very similar to ones I own, so I couldn't justify buying any of them. They were all sent back, but here's a list of what brands/styles I received and the cost of each.

James Jeans legging in a very dark denim wash (1st picture) Size 27 Retail Price $172
Fidelity mid rise skinny twill pants in sage color (2nd picture) Size 27 Retail Price On Sale $88
Henry & Belle super skinny ankle in rustic color (3rd picture) Size 26 Retail Price $158
Fidelity low rise crop in steel color (4th picture by sequin shirt) Size 27 Retail Price On Sale $88
Henry & Belle super skinny ankle in gunmetal color (4th picture by floral blazer) Size 25 Retail Price $189

Now for the shirts. Rory Beca v-neck tank, with cut out back detail. Size Small. This shirt was my favorite, but I couldn't justify keeping it with the retail price of $203. I loved the pattern and colors of this shirt and it fit perfect. The back detail was very nice and different from anything I own. Sent Back.

It was also bundled with an Astars black cardigan. Size Small. Retail Price $96. This was ok, but I already own so many black cardigans and I really don't need another one. I tried this on with all the shirts sent to me, but didn't like it with any of them. Unbuttoned this cardigan looked kinda frumpy, so you could only wear it buttoned, limiting the styling options. But it was a super soft fabric, making it so comfortable. Sent Back.

The BJB cowl back tank was a keeper. It had a nice back detail like nothing I currently own. It was a vibrant color that I loved. Plus I couldn't beat the sale price of $13. There was no way I could not buy this. This was my favorite item in the box without even looking at the price tag. And I can't wait until summer to wear it with white skinny cropped jeans! Kept It.

The BJB color block tank was another keeper because of the sale price of $11.75. How can anyone say no to that?!? This was super cute on and like nothing I own. (The pictures definitely do not do it justice) It will look great with a cardigan in the winter or worn alone in the summer. I do need to tell you one thing that really bothered me though. This shirt had a makeup mark on it upon arrival. I expected high quality items from this company and understand that can easily happen as customers try on items, but was disappointed that they would send something like that. I'm hoping I can get it out, because I'm in love with this shirt. Kept It.

This outfit also came bundled with the C&C California orange jacket. Size X Small. Sale Price $32.25. This just wasn't my style and fit large for an X Small. Also, this had some strange fading on the shoulder and arm, but the rest of the jacket did not have any fading, which made me think this may have been placed in bright sunlight. I understand it was a sale item, but I expected to get top quality pieces considering the retail price point of this subscription. Sent Back.

The Naked Zebra one pocket trim blouse in powder blue was shipped to me in a size Medium, which was too large for me. Retail Price $32. I wasn't crazy about the style of this shirt anyways. Sent Back.

The final outfit was featured on the BJB Express Facebook site and I was excited to try it on. The BB Dakota sequin tank in silver was sent to me in a size Medium. Sale Price $17. This was huge on me and so unflattering. Sent Back.

The BJB floral blazer had a sale price of $37. This fit well, and I almost kept it. I tried it on with quite a few items to see if I could make it work, but decided I didn't need it. I didn't love it with anything I tried it with, but it was very comfortable. Sent Back.

I'm not sure I will try BJB Express again. I had such high hopes for this subscription service, but felt it didn't deliver to my standards. I wish I would have received some other styles of jeans and not all skinny. I was so interested in this service, because I'm not able to buy the designer jean labels I love where I live. I really need some new jeans that I can where all the time (that are not skinny) and I unfortunately didn't find any jeans I loved in my box. I do really like the 2 shirts I am keeping and they were a great value, but I was hoping for items I could wear now while the weather is still very cold.

Have you tried BJB Express? What were your thoughts?

*This subscription was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!

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