Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair Ivy

Rating: Love it!!!!
Cost: $40/month + shipping

I gifted Fair Ivy to my mother for the months of April, May, and June. She loved it!!! You can check out what she received for April and May. I was very impressed with the way this subscription works. All products are handmade in the US and the makers send the items directly to you during the month. This is great for gifting, because the receiver gets 3 unique gifts during the month and you never know when they'll arrive or what it will be! Plus the packaging was amazing! Everything was beautifully wrapped by the maker! My mom would call each day she received a surprise and would gush about the product and the wrapping. This will be my go to gift for those friends and relatives you never know what to get!!!

April 2013

The first item for the month was a Silver Disk Necklace that was dainty and adorable. She started wearing it immediately. It was made from sterling silver and is a short necklace that will go with everything!

She received April Showers Notes adorable rain boot cards. She sent me one in the mail as soon as she received them to show me her newest surprise. I was so happy to see the black and white polka dot card show up in my mailbox with a nice handwritten note from my mom!

I think her favorite thing from April was the below Artisan Sea Soap. It smelled great and she loved the sponge in it. She said she went to the website and was planning on buying more, so I'm hoping I get gifted some of this soap soon!

May 2013

The first item for May was Hammered Gold Earrings. These were also very dainty and would go with everything. She was hoping they were silver because she wanted to wear them with the necklace from last month, but she was very happy with the quality of the earrings and said they were very comfortable in her ears.

The next item was a Wandering Tea Towel. She loved the saying on this and thought it was adorable. How could you not like this cute camper art? I loved this when I saw it!

Also, received in May was Relaxing Tea Soak. She said this smelled great and was excited to use it!

June 2013

I do not have pictures to include for the items sent in June, but Fair Ivy posts them on their website, so you'll be able to check them out there, once they have posted them.

The first item for June was a Pearl Necklace by Yinnie Lei. It was a silver necklace with a single pearl. She really liked the large closure of this necklace and said it was very easy to put on and take off. The necklace was short and could be worn with anything. I loved it!

Her favorite item for the month was Caramels. She couldn't tell me the brand or much about them because she said they were so good she ate them all immediately. Sorry I can't provide more details, but she still raves about how good they were!

She also received Soap from Naturally So Young. She was very pleased with the scent of this soap and can't wait to try it!

As much as my mom loved receiving these little treasures every month, I loved hearing about what she got. This subscription is definitely worth the price and I was very happy with the quality of the products and creative packaging. Soooooo gift worthy!!!

Also, Fair Ivy just introduced a Jewelry Subscription for $25/month and you receive 1 handmade jewelry item per month! I am sooooo excited to try this because I loved all the jewelry my mom received. It was all dainty and classic and I could see myself wearing the pieces everywhere and every day! I'm sure I'll be signing up in the near future, so look for upcoming reviews!

Have you subscribed to Fair Ivy? What are your thoughts??? Please comment below...

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