Friday, July 19, 2013

Citrus Lane July 2013

Rating: Lifer!!!!!
Cost: $25/month

My 13 month old daughter's Citrus Lane box came yesterday! This is always a fun one to open with her. She loves seeing this box every month!!! The box size changes every month, so you never know what you are going to get. This month the box was larger than normal, so I was very excited to see what was inside! Citrus Lane caters their boxes to the age and gender of your child from birth to 5 years. My daughter is currently 13 months old, so other reviews for Citrus Lane may contain different items. I've been subscribing for about 4 months now and I have loved every box! We have used every item in all the boxes we have received and will continue to subscribe for a long, long time!!!

 The picture below shows what we received in our July Citrus Lane Box.

Citrus Lane always includes a yellow striped card explaining everything in the box and usually includes codes for discounts on the companies included. Bonus!!! (Which usually just makes me buy more) This month our box included a SUMO Snack Stacker from ZoLi. I love these because they'll be great for snacks when traveling and they are larger than any of the other travel bowls we own! Also, the colors are bright and in a pinch can entertain my little one. I think she'll love to shake them around like a maraca when they're filled with her favorite snack, Puffs!

The next item included is sure to be my daughter's new favorite toy! It is a Peek-a-Boo Turtle from Melissa & Doug. I love their products and own quite a few! The turtle is super cute and plays peek-a-boo by hiding his head and legs under his body. My daughter loves playing peek-a-boo and loves figuring out how things work, so I'm sure this will amuse her for hours!

The next product was really interesting! It is a Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz. It includes 2 cold packs that do not need to be kept in the freezer! I think you activate them by squeezing and shaking them and they are good for one time use. I didn't know these existed, but it's so convenient. These are going straight in the diaper bag! You never know when you'll need a cold pack. They're perfect for traveling.

Citrus Lane usually includes a food item, which is great because the brands are always favorites of ours and are nutritious and organic, so I feel good about feeding them to my daughter. Plus she loves to eat!!! This month we received Nibbly Fingers from Ella's Kitchen in the Mangoes & Carrots flavor. She hasn't tried these yet, but I'm sure she'll love them. We've tried other food products from Ella's Kitchen and they are very tasty!

The last item included was a coupon for Postagam from Sincerely Inc. I've never heard of it before, but it's an app that lets you turn snapshots into printed, personalized postcards right from your smartphone. And the picture has a perforated edge so you can pop it out and stick it on your fridge. I'll definitely be checking this out! The coupon is for 10 postcards for free, so I can't wait to try it!!!

Also, Citrus Lane will send emails prior to the boxes being sent out where you can add items to your box and receive free shipping. I've seen emails for bath care products, lotions, etc. This month I decided to get one of the extra items, which was a Waterproof Wet & Dry Bag from Bumkins. This is going in the diaper bag for those times when you need to keep some items separate from the others. (Parents I think you know what I mean) Plus the owl print is super cute!!! The size is larger than I expected (12"x16") and it has 2 compartments. Definitely glad I decided to add it to my box!!!

Again, another great month from Citrus Lane. I have never been disappointed in any of their boxes and rave about it so much that a few of my friends have subscribed. They all love it too! If you have a child age infant to 5, check out Citrus Lane. It's really a great deal at $25/month to discover products that were recommended by other parents. It's like Christmas every month for your child!!! At 1 year old my daughter gets so excited when her box comes in the mail (not sure if she is feeding off my excitement, but I'll go with it) Use the below link to save $10 on your subscription to Citrus Lane

Do you love Citrus Lane, too??? Please comment with your thoughts.....

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