Saturday, June 9, 2018

Rothy's....a New Pair!

I bought another pair of Rothy's and I'm reviewing them because they're still available on the website and I bought a half size up from my regular size, so I thought I'd give my thoughts. My first pair of points I bought in my regular size 9. I bought the Magenta Racing Stripe in a size 9.5. They fit a little big, but are still comfortable. I've worn them probably about 5 times already and they don't slip off my feet and they are just as comfortable as all my others! I feel like I can wear my regular size 9 or a 9.5 and they are both comfortable. I don't prefer one size over the other like others do.

These are a purplish color with light blue stripes on the side. I thought they would go with so much in my wardrobe and I love how they look with jeans. I'm really wanting some more bright Rothy's for the summer, and am waiting for some new releases. I'm not sure how often Rothy's releases new colors, but I hope they do soon! 

My collection of Rothy's is definitely not complete! These are my favorite shoes and I wear a pair daily. They are so comfortable all day at work. I do want to mention that if you love a pair and your size is available buy them, don't wait! I've been waiting for one pair in particular to come back in stock in my size and it's been months. So if you see a pair you must have, get them, because you might miss out on them in your size. These shoes do sell out quickly!
If you haven't tried Rothy's yet and you'd like to save $20 on your first purchase, use my referral link. And if you love them too, feel free to comment with your thoughts!!!

*This item was purchased and financed by me, unless noted otherwise. Posts may contain referral links and I totally appreciate it when you use them!

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