Saturday, May 21, 2016

Love with Food May 2016

Rating: Like It!!!
Cost: $10/month

I received my May Love with Food box earlier in the month. I've tried quite a few of the snacks included in the box this month, but not all of them yet. I really enjoy these boxes and love trying new stuff. My daughter loves them too!

Love with Food always includes an information card explaining all the snacks included for the month. They also include some extra coupons too.

The first snack I tried was Skinnypop Dusted Dark Chocolate Popcorn. This was odd. It was like a chocolate powder dusted on the popcorn, which the name suggests, but I thought it'd be chocolate dipped popcorn. It was pretty yummy and didn't have an over powering chocolate flavor, which was good.

My daughter ate the Glee Gum Pop. I didn't get to try it, but she really liked it! She did let me smell it and it smelled fruity and delicious!!!

My daughter also ate the Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans. I did get to try one and they were good. The flavor was sweet and I would try them again. She loved them!

My daughter also ate the Smooze Pink Guava + Coconut Fruit Ice. This was delicious! She kept asking for more. I definitely want to buy these! They were fruity and sweet and I don't feel bad about letting her eat them. Plus they're a great summer treat!

My daughter also ate the Kutoa Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar. I guess she ate most of the snacks this month, haha. She thought this was a chocolate bar and really liked it. (I didn't tell her it wasn't.) She loved eating it because she thought it was a treat. I tried some too and it was good. I don't always like these types of bars, but this one had just enough flavor and a nice consistency. It was good.

One snack I haven't tried yet is Biena Foods Chickpea Snacks. These look good, but I haven't had a craving for them yet.

I also haven't tried Emily's Chocolate Northwest Trail Mix. I love trail mix and I'm sure this will be great. My daughter will probably want to eat this next!

I loved the Sheila G's Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle. This was my favorite snack in this month's box so far. It was crunchy and yummy, just like the crisp part of brownies! 

The bonus item included this month was Smarty Pants Women's Complete Gummy Vitamins. I've tried these before and they're ok. The sample packs never give you the full daily dose, so I find that odd. I like to take one multi vitamin a day, but with these I think the daily dose was 6 or 8 (I threw the package out so I can't remember). That seems like a lot to remember to take in one day and I'm not sure I could eat that many at once. 

I really enjoyed the May Love with Food Box. All the snacks we've tried so far were good. I've found a few this month that I'd like to buy! I can't wait to see what we get in June.

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