Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bundles of Joy December 2015

Rating: Love it!!!!
Cost: $36/month

I received my daughter's Bundles of Joy box on December 24th, so I let her open it as a Christmas Eve gift! I'm always really excited to see what she'll get. And I never look at spoilers for this box. 

Here is a look at the packaging inside the box.

Bundles of Joy always includes an information sheet detailing everything in the box, with the retail prices. There is always a handwritten note with why everything was chosen, which I love!

Here is a peek at what we got this month. It definitely had a New Year's theme! I love holiday themes and we will definitely use everything.

The first item my daughter received was Minnie Mouse Shirt and Skirt. Retail price $21.99. And also Minnie Mouse Leggings, because you never know what the weather will be like. Retail price $14.99. These all coordinate with each other and will be adorable for a New Year's eve outfit. I love the black and white bow skirt. It's got a little crinoline to give it some poof, which I love for dressing up. And my daughter loves Minnie Mouse, so she was excited about this outfit!

She also received a Felt Loved Plush Elephant in Lime. Retail price $10. It has a cute pink heart. We've received a couple of these felt animals in previous boxes, and my daughter loves them. She always needs more than one of little characters, so they can "talk". That is the way she plays with everything. They're always "talking"! And I love listening to her stories.

The final items we received were 2016 New Year's Eve Party Goodies. Retail price $6. These were my daughter's favorite items in the box. She immediately put on the glasses and they're so cute on her! And she figured out how the party horns worked immediately. These will be perfect for our stay at home New Year's eve party this year!

Bundles of Joy never disappoints. This was another great box for my daughter! We will have a fun New Year's eve and she has the perfect outfit because of this box. I can't wait to see what she gets in January!!!

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