Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunshine Crate May 2015

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $50 crate + $5 shipping

I have an exciting new clothing review today, it's similar to Golden Tote and was just created. I learned about Sunshine Crate through a Facebook group and it just launched the first sale a couple weeks ago. The company is starting out small and will expand based on demand. They launch sales on every other Thursday at 9am PST (for reference the last sale launched on May 14th). Currently the prices are $50 for a crate containing 3 items of clothing and 1 accessory for sizes x-small through large and $85 for 5 items of clothing and 1 accessory for sizes x-small through large. There is also the option of an accessory crate for $40 containing 1 large accessory such as a tote bag or purse and 2 small accessories such as jewelry or scarves. Sunshine Crate also offers a plus size clothing crate for $65 with 3 clothing items and 1 accessory available in sizes x-large through xxx-large. Each crate will also have a $5 shipping charge.

When the site first launched a promo was offered for an extra clothing item included in your crate if you were one of the first 5 orders. And I was! I was so excited to see what I would get. It was a great value. You order through etsy and can put sizing comments along with preferences when you order. I said I really like dresses in my comments! I'll be reviewing the $50 crate with an extra clothing item.

My Sunshine Crate arrived on the east coast from the west coast in a couple days! I love the fast shipping. It was shipped in a USPS priority shipping box and when I opened it up, it was definitely a sunny surprise! I was greeted by bright yellow paper and a handwritten note. I love personal touches!

Sunshine Crate also offers a return policy where you can return your whole crate if you are not satisfied with what has been selected for you. So, there's really no reason not to try it! And as you can see by my note, they definitely read your comments and send what you want!!! Looks like I'd be getting dresses!

Here is a look at everything I received. I loved all the patterns and color!

My accessory item was a bronze cuff with cut out details. It's beautiful and goes perfect with all the clothing selected for me!

The first clothing item was a blue patterned dress by Teenplo. It has 3/4 sleeves with a cute ruching detail. It fits well and I love the print! It looks great styled with a belt, but can also be worn without it. This would also look adorable styled with a denim jacket for cooler spring days!

I also received a short sleeved red patterned dress by Peaches n Cream. I really like this print and for some reason it reminds me of tulips or a flower of some sort (which might be why I like it so much). This also looks great styled with or without a belt. And fits great! I already wore this dress to work and loved it!!!

And I received a 3rd dress! Did I mention this crate was only $50?!? I was very happy with the value already. The 3rd dress was my favorite! It is a pleated skirt dress by Potter's Pot. This has a velvet burnout detail on the sleeves and back. And doesn't it look great styled with my black tassel belt!!! This one is completely my style! 

Here is a close-up of the sleeve and back detail.

The final clothing item I received was a green sleeveless shirt. This has an embroidery detail on the collar. It is like nothing I own and I think this will also look great styled with skirts. I would have loved to pair this with some pink heels (which apparently I don't own). I also think this would look perfect styled with shorts! And for work, I'll pair it with a cardigan. 

Here is a close up pic of the embroidery.

Sunshine Crate is a great value. I was happy with everything that was chosen for me. The company is starting out very small and I truly believe it will only get better! I will definitely be trying it out again. Sunshine Crate announced the sale that launched this past week would include patterned shorts in all sizes. That sounds great to me and I can't wait to see reveals from it!

There is a Sunshine Crate Facebook site that announces updates and spoiler items frequently. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Here is the link to order She sells out of crates quick, so it might be best to follow the Facebook site to find out when she releases new crates! Looks like the next sale will be July 2nd!!!