Thursday, February 26, 2015

Golden Tote February 2015 Tote #2

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: $49 or $149 tote (I'm reviewing the $49 tote)

I felt like I needed to order another Golden Tote this month. The coral skinny jeans were calling my name. They looked so good on everyone that bought them and modeled them on the Facebook Golden Tote Trading Group site. I couldn't resist, plus there were a couple surprises I had seen that I wanted to request. And my tote arrived yesterday!

The $49 tote usually contains two items, your chosen item and one surprise item. Here's a peek at what I got.

My chosen item was the coral skinny jeans. The Golden Tote website had suggested ordering a size smaller than you normally wear, because these run large. So, I took their advice and ordered one size down. And they fit great. I definitely think my normal size would have been too big in the waist. These have a lot of stretch to them. They are a bright color, perfect for spring. And looking at them makes me so happy!

My surprise item was a Le Sample blouse that I had seen many people receive in their totes and fell in love with! This shirt looked amazing on everyone, so I requested it when I ordered this tote. I was so happy they included it. It fits perfectly slouchy and I love the color. It will be a perfect shirt to wear now with a cardigan, and alone in the spring/summer. Sorry I didn't take pictures on myself for this post, but there are many reviews of February totes on the Golden Tote Trading Group Facebook site. The people modeling the clothes are looking fabulous!

This tote was exactly what I wanted, so I was very happy! Golden Tote has made me expand my clothing budget each month, because there are so many pieces I can't resist. I keep thinking I'm going to skip a month, but I always talk myself into needing something. Tote day is Monday March 2nd and I can't wait. So far there is another great month of spoilers and so much that I already want!!! Check out the Golden Tote Facebook site to see the spoilers for March.

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