Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fair Ivy May 2014

Rating: Love It!!!!
Cost: Jewelry $25/month; Mystery $16/month; The Duet $35/month

I received a Fair Ivy subscription as a birthday gift. I love the items this company sends out and couldn't wait to be getting the surprises. I was very sad to learn that Fair Ivy is going on a subscription hiatus beginning at the end of June, so June will be the last month they will be sending out surprise gifts for awhile. But, I was very happy that I got in for the last 2 months of surprises.

Fair ivy is unique in that the artisans that make the surprise items are the ones that send them directly to you. And if you order The Duet subscription that means you get surprises at 2 different times during the month. You can subscribe to get just the jewelry item or just the mystery item also (all subscription prices are at the top of the page).

The first surprise to arrive was the jewelry item and it arrived the day before my birthday last week, so I saved it as a surprise to open on my birthday! The packaging is amazing on this surprise gift, so I took a few more pictures than normal to show you what you can expect to receive.

This was such a nice surprise to open on my birthday! Want to see what was inside that pretty box?!? It was a beautiful gold necklace from Polished Podge. It's dainty and looks great with my Dogeared horseshoe necklace that I've been wearing since I received it in the March Popsugar Must Have box. The picture does not do this necklace justice. The beads are sparkly and beautiful and I love how dainty and classic it is. This will go with everything!

The following week I received an additional package from Fair Ivy (I'm subscribed to The Duet). This one smelled amazing, even in the box, and I couldn't wait to open it up and see what it was. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you how great this box smelled. I seriously could not stop smelling it!!! When I opened the box all I saw was a Butter Toki card. And hidden under the card were individual wrapped goodies. I was so excited, because there was not one, but four surprises. I really thought it would be only one by the size of the box it was sent in.

And here's everything unwrapped. I still can't get over how good everything smelled!

One item included was the Jojoba Cube in Enchanting Garden. This has a flowery clean scent that I am in love with. This went right to my bath! It's a glycerin soap with exfoliating crystals. I'm completely addicted to this scent and will have to buy more of this when it's gone!

Another item was Body Butter Fluff in Black Raspberry Vanilla. This is great, because it's more of a lotion bar and sinks right into your skin. It's not sticky or greasy and isn't a sickly sweet scent. And it's very moisturizing. It's different than anything I've ever tried before and it's really growing on me.

The next item I was most excited to try. It was Lip Scrubbie in Coconut. This smelled like a tropical beach. It made my lips so soft and smooth. There's something so irresistible about a lip scrub. I love that I can read all the ingredients in this and it works great!

The final item I put on right after using the lip scrub. It was Juicy Cherry chapstick. I'm in love!!! This has the best texture of any chapstick I've ever tried. It's so smooth and makes your lips feel amazing (not sure if it's a combination of the scrub and this or what, but I love it, whatever it is). And the scent is like fresh cherries, sweet and delicious. It seriously can not get any better than this! I will be ordering more!!!

I am completely in awe over each of these products and will use them all until they are completely gone and will have to purchase more. Now to tell you a bit about the company Butter Toki. They opened in January 2014 and focus on the art of hand making products, putting attention to detail on every product made. They work with fun and quirky scents while keeping nourishing ingredients as their main focus. Here is a link to their website if you'd like to check out more. Their website makes me want to buy one of everything!

I'm very sad Fair Ivy is taking a hiatus, because they really do find amazing artisans. And I love trying new products! I am a big fan of the delicate jewelry they've sent to subscribers month after month and all the other fun extras. I hope when they come back they continue in the same way!

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